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You learned how to setup a '

Viral Marketing Campaign', from, the 'Viral Marketing' page. Well, if you have not read that page, then, go to "Viral Marketing", and come back to this page, after you have a basic understanding of this essential 'Marketing Strategy'.

I am sure, you now agree that, “Viral Marketing” is one of the easiest and fastest ways of spreading your marketing message across your niche, building your brand awareness and stretching your outreach and profitability

And, on this page, we will focus on some of the key elements that is required to setup your viral marketing campaign. 

In order to succeed with your viral marketing campaign, specifically, and with any online or offline venture, for that matter, you need to have a strong customer base, an ongoing exposure, repeat customers, and consistent growth. I mean, this goes without saying.

And to stress here again, the lifeblood of your online business, is, quality 'Web traffic'.

This website, offers plenty of "Internet Marketing Strategies", for you, to obtain free web traffic.

What You Will Read on this Page?

Viral Marketing Campaign - Topics:


The most important lesson for you to take home is this.

Your 'Viral Marketing Campaign', is about, giving something to your visitors, that, will 'Motivate' them, to share with others.

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Viral Marketing Campaign:

What You Should Know?

Your viral marketing campaign, is not about, paying for advertising, or buying leads. But, it's all about, strategically harnessing the power of word of mouth, or “Network Marketing.

The bottom line is, you will have other people do the legwork in promoting your message for you.

Having said this, let's get more clarity on “Viral Marketing” and how to setup your ‘Viral Marketing Campaign’ the right way.


But, before that, I wanted to give you, an excellent ebook, on 'Viral marketing', by the, expert himself, John Delavera. Now, if you do not want the book, which is free, anyways, atleast take a look at a real example of a viral effect, on the download page. See how John offers a rebranding opportunity, to brand this ebook as yours. That's the strategy in a nutshell.

As I said on the "

Viral Marketing" page, a chief component to set up your 'Viral Marketing Campaign', is to give, something for 'FREE'.

Now, just because you are giving away some  free stuff, do not make it a cheap stuff. Your freebie, should be of high value to your user, and should compliment you product/service very well.

It all begins by closely identifying your target market first. Then you need to focus on a problem within your niche market, that, you can leverage upon, by providing some kind of a free report, or an ebook or  any other stuff, like, video tutorials, guides, audio recordings etc., that, actually helps in resolving your readers' issues.

Essential Tools & Resources:

I will discuss, 'Market Research' and "Keyword Research", separately, as, these, are very important and large subjects.


You get my point. Your freebie, should add value to your reader. Really, the success of your viral marketing

campaign, depends on this.

Remember, you must do a thorough preliminary research, and you must have a clear picture of your target market. You must absolutely understand your customer's needs, wants, questions, fears, concerns and any other area, where, you can provide, solutions, using your

viral marketing campaign.

The closer you evaluate potential problems that you could resolve, the easier it will be to create an ebook, or some other audio or video material, that is likely to go viral. 

But the bottom line is, create a  high value product, and give it for 'FREE'. You see why I am repeating this over and over?

It's simply because, by giving away something of value for free, you can instantly establish trust and authority in your visitors.

Then, you can motivate, them, to download the product or material, and share it with others. once you have this target audience within your system or sales funnel, like a back end system, newsletter, ezine, etc., you can leverage on your viral marketing

campaign with additional offers that are similar and relevant to the original topic of your viral campaign.

I will cover the entire backend and sales funnelling system and strategies, on a separate page. For people who want to 'Make Money Online', these are goldmines, waiting to be explored.

Viral Marketing Campaign &

Creating a Product for Your Viral Marketing Campaign

You better remember this. The end goal of your

viral marketing campaign, is to create something so irresistible, that people will pass it on to their friends and family members, in their 'Social network'.

Now, let's see what are your various options, for creating a product for your 'Viral Marketing Campaign


Ready? Here you go.

  • Free reports, ebooks

  • Free training materials, courses or tutorials

  • Videos, entertaining clips

  • Audio messages 

  • Free scripts or software

All of the above products will work in any niche market. But, you must ensure that, you are delivering top quality, that is unique to you and your brand.


Now, before you choose your media type, you will have to first determine, what would work best, when eliciting interest from your potential customer base. Here are a couple of things, that, you will need to consider:

---> What people are looking for?

---> What are they interested in?

---> What are they currently willing to purchase that you could create and offer for free?

The more perceived value that your freebie receives, the faster your message will spread within your market.

Viral Marketing Campaign

With eBook

The easiest way, is to, create an ebook, with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve a specific problem.

Why ebook?

This is the easiest and less expensive way to have your 'Viral marketing campaign

' message, delivered to your target market. 

Here are some tips for you to follow:


-> Get an idea of your target market's needs. Search existing marketplaces, where products, similar to yours, are sold. If you are involved in Internet Marketing and digital products, scour Click bank, to give you instant access to an array of options.

-> Create a high Perceived value for your product. Look at the products that are promoted and sold by affiliates, and, plan on creating a similar package for free.

You see, if people are willing to pay over $47, for an ebook on a similar topic, and, if, you are able to create one with equal/or greater value, imagine, how many people will flock to your website eager to download a copy

You some times need to think outside of the box

-> If you are not a writer, then, you need to look into some PLR (Private Label Rights) products. There are plenty of

PLR products available, almost, on any subject.

Here is a 'Free' PLR site, where, you can get many good quality PLR content. But, you must be aware of the fact that, many marketers, might have used the same content.

So, you need to rewrite the content, to make it unique to you.

I will provide you with the top notch, article rewriting tools, that will make your rewriting a snap. Look out for the updates in the "Article Marketing" page.

In my opinion, the best option is, to outsource. This way you can have your unique freebie, that is not to be found elsewhere. This will also add more value to the user.

I will provide all the details on the 'Outsourcing" page.

Viral Marketing Campaign:

Create an eBook

Your 'Viral Marketing Campaign', will kick start, with, an effective viral marketing tool, like an ebook. Mind you, that, your, ebook should be well formatted, and should have the following in the minimum:

---> Table of contents

---> Legalese or copyright

---> Page numbers

---> Important areas, highlighted, with bold or italic fonts

---> Working links

---> Error free words and grammar

Note: Avoid using '.exe' formats, as Mac users may not be able to open up the executable file. And, if you are offering an ebook, do so in PDF format, which is viewable on all operating systems.

For you to create a viral ebook, you will need to have a viral/rebrand able ebook creator. For this you will need a high quality rebranding software.

Your Essential Viral Marketing Tools & Resources 

Free PDF creators:

- Free PDF Convert

- Cute PDF

- Primo PDF


Here are some places, where you can submit your ebook/PDF. This way, your marketing message, will be spread across the various directories. An essential step, to succeed with your viral marketing campaign


Here you go:

Clay tablet publishing


E-book jungle

E-books search king

Mind like water

Wisdom ebooks

E-book directory

E-book palace



Plan your Viral Marketing Campaign

I cannot stress enough the need of a '

Viral Marketing Campaign' plan. This planning part is also discussed on the "Viral Marketing" page.

Your “Viral Marketing” Campaign should be part of a larger “Marketing Plan”.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of a well planned viral marketing campaign. Some of the things, if I need to stress, I simply repeat it.

OK. When I say plan properly and execute smoothly, I mean this.

You want to really spend time ensuring that your free item, is of high quality, created with your target audience in mind.

Your entire system from set up to delivery is well constructed, easy to navigate and 'user friendly'.


You should spend some time surveying your market, evaluating potential product ideas, garnering feedback from public forums and community boards and compile this information into a research file so that you can identify what your average customer is interested in, maximizing your chances of hitting the 'bulls eye'.

This will guarantee your viral marketing

campaign's success, multiple times.

Go to "Social Media" page. for more ideas on forum posts and participation.

Here are some more ideas to make your viral marketing campaign a success.

I am sure, you have seen, how Facebook and Twitter, can be an excellent tool for your '

Viral Marketing Campaign'. If you are not sure what I am talking about, then, go to "Twitter" and "Social Media" pages, and spend some time reading the essentials.


Essential Social Media Tools & Resources

You should outsource applications and scripts that enhance a users experience within, the 'Social Network', like, Twitter and Facebook. These are ways how you can leverage on your existing social network, with, add-on's around it, to, trigger user interaction and response.

I will provide some very useful applications for, “Twitter Marketing” and Facebook, in my forth-coming updates.

Viral-Marketing-Campaign: Grab Your Twitter-Marketing Tools & Tips

Just hang in for now, and watch for the updates.

Another idea that I can give is this. Just think about what you would personally use, find valuable, or would likely refer to other people in your own 'Social Network'.

Just make a note of all those things, as and when it comes up in your mind. These will seed your ideas for potential products or services you could create for your target audience.

Here are some more pointers. Ask your self these questions:

---> What are people currently asking for?

---> What could be improved?

---> What is missing, or lacking?

Like this, there will be plenty of ideas for your 'Viral Marketing Campaign

', that are available. You just need to corner in the ideas and take action.


Taking Your Viral Marketing Campaign to the

Next Level

Identify your vehicle for your

viral message? Who is going to carry your viral message?

What the heck is a viral carrier?

Well, you see, a viral carrier is someone who can directly help you spread and carry your message throughout your niche market. Think about who in your niche, could have a great impact on carrying your message out to the rest of your market, ensuring it goes viral.

Not a difficult task. Look for the following:

> Who has influence in your market?

> Who is considered an authority on your chosen topic?

> Who do people go to for information and resources?

> Who has a popular blog

, website, community?

See, even in smaller niche markets, there is bound to be a focused forum, a leading

blog, a popular group or community that would be a likely candidate for initially delivering your message.


You need to clearly define who this group will be, because, if you want your viral marketing campaign to be a real success, you should really know who to target, that is far more likely to help spread your message throughout your market, using their existing resources and contacts.

The best way for this is to join some popular or leading forums/blogs, relevant to your target market. Participate in the discussions, observe the needs of your niche, provide solutions etc. You can pretty much outsource this job.

I will explain how and where to outsource, on a separate page dedicated to "Outsourcing", later.

Invite JV partners, and when doing this, highlight the benefits of why they should promote your freebie. It must be mutually beneficial, and, must, clearly outline the value of your product, the focus and your target audience.

The two easiest and fastest ways to draw in hordes of traffic, is:

    1. PPC Advertising

    2. Joint Venture Partnership


When inviting JV partnership, emphasize that, they are being contacted with the opportunity to offer their subscribers and website visitors with a free copy of this product, prior to it being available to the general public.

The reason why this is so important for the success of your 'Viral Marketing Campaign

', is, for this:

>>You want them to believe in the value of your freebie product, that, their own visitors and subscribers will appreciate the information, an information, that it is not saturated or widely distributed online.

>> Now, if you are unsure how to identify the authorities in your market, start by visiting Google, and enter in relevant keywords that describe your niche market. You may want to look for active forums or communities, where your target market hang out, discussing, your industry or topic.

101 Marketing Strategy: Get Your Product Before Your Customers

You should ideally create a list of possible forums where, you can launch your

viral marketing campaign, and introduce it to the world. Just be sure to register for your accounts weeks before the launch, so that, it does not look like having any commercial intent. You should also try to be active within the community for a couple of weeks before you launch your campaign.


Introduce yourself, provide helpful suggestions, answer questions, provide value, and create an impression, as someone that is trustworthy and interested in helping the community grow.

This point is absolutely essential for the success of your viral marketing campaign. Period.

Also, when searching for forums, be sure to check out how big the forum is and how large is their existing member base.
You want to focus your time on building a reputation within active forums, not brand new ones.

Here is a cool website, that provides a listing of all the bigger and more popular forums online that can be exceptionally useful in locating potential communities in your market:

>> Big-Boards

A note of caution here: Pay close attention.

You need to have your entire system in place before you even consider launching your viral campaign. In order for a viral marketing campaign to be successful, you need to maximize your 'Web traffic', as your viral product consistently draws them in.

Whether you are interested in using the power of a viral marketing campaign to grow a massive list of targeted buyers, or you are interested in monetizing your campaign instantly with a back end product, up sell or one time offer, you need to have everything in place prior to launching your campaign.

I am sure I have mentioned this elsewhere. To maximize and optimize on your 'Viral Marketing Campaign', you need to have an error free system that is capable of filling in on the gaps through which, you could lose potential sales and revenue. This system is actually called the sales funnel, and ensures highest possible returns on each of your visitor.

Michael Filsaime's world renowned 'Butterfly Marketing' exploits this to the hilt. And here is an opportunity for you to have the automated system for 'Free'. I also cannot believe, that I am saying this. Get your 'Butterfly Marketing

' source code here for free.

I will explain on a separate page, the sales funnel system, for your back-end profits.

=> Why Sales Funnel?
=> Sales Funnel System
=> Sales Funnel Tools
=> Sales funnel Setup


Blasting Your Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral Marketing <– Campaign Tools & Resources

OK. So, after you have your freebie product created, for your pre-identified target market, and set up your funnelling system and planned out your follow up strategy (with email promotions, up sells, or special offers), it's time release your

viral marketing campaign.

Now, there are many different methods of communicating your message and spreading your product within your market.

I will talk a little bit about "Video Marketing", which is, by the way, happen to go viral quickly, especially if they are entertaining and at the same time arouses curiosity.

I will however, discuss 'Video Marketing' separately, as there is more to it, than meets the eye, and what is explained here.


OK. When creating videos, the easiest way to generate potential ideas on themes or topics is to survey the types of videos that are already receiving massive exposure within video communities, such as:

-> You Tube 

-> Atom

-> Vimeo, etc.

You want to make sure that your video represents your brand in a positive way while, entertaining the viewer. Remember, people are not going to spread your video around, or refer their friends or family to your video if they feel you are blatantly selling something.

You need to give them a reason to tell others about your video. so spend serious time evaluating the different viral campaigns that are already working for some companies.

Here are two such good examples that you can emulate.

> Apple (their Apple versus PC series)

> IBM's multi-series, "The Art of the Sale". Go and watch the various videos, just to get an idea. 

You see, how you can blend humour and entertainment, and at the same time push your brand of one, while building awareness of your company/product.

Now, I just want to entertain you, if you are stressed out reading, this ‘Viral Marketing Campaign’ page. But, the actual intention is to show you how viral a video can go, through these examples. Enjoy…

Viral Marketing Campaign:

Video Distribution List


If you are considering 'Video Marketing', and I think, you should, below are some video distribution channels, for you to consider:

> MySpace TV

> Live Leak

> Daily Motion

> Video Sift

> Mega Video

> Veoh

Here is a cool tool, that you must have, in order to make your 'Viral Marketing Campaign', successful, especially with automated 'Video Marketing'.

Viral-Marketing-Campaign: SEnukeX SEO Software to Create Powerful Viral Videos


Viral Marketing Campaign:

Poor Results?

Now if you feel that, your freebie item is not getting a good response, then the following ideas might help.

=> Host Contest or Events:

People love participating in giveaways, especially when they are given the opportunity to win physical goods such as ipods, gift certificates, or any other form of free stuff.  

Sometimes, product owners even have pre-launch contests with similar prizes, which reward the top referrers of leads during the pre-launch phase of the product launch. I have seen offers like Ferrari, Home theater system etc.

If you are able to attract some of the authority figures in your market to joint venture with you, you will be successful with your '

Viral Marketing Campaign' launch. 

=> Resell Rights:


Resell rights is one way of getting your viral message across to a wider audience quickly and easily. Offer resell or giveaway rights to fellow marketers in your niche.

This allows them to build their own mailing lists, or offer existing subscribers with quality content for free, and is a great way to motivate authority figures as well as new marketers in your niche to get involved, and help spread the word about your product.

Now, if you are offering a digital product, such as an ebook, then, simply add your name and website URL in the closing statement of the ebook or within the footer of each page of your info product.

Then, offer marketers with a PDF version of your product that cannot be edited, but, can be send to their subscribers or sold to existing customers.

Click Below for a Great Example:

Get Your Free Viral Marketing Tutorial

See, how this is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to build a viral marketing campaign

that is heavily targeted.


Here is the thing. The other marketers are able to either 'Make Money Online' with your product or use it to help build relationships with their subscribers. You are offering both the marketers and their contacts an incredible value.

=> 100% commission:

Now, offering 100% commission is a good way to motivate other people to promote your product. But this actually works for paid products, rather than freebies, and by offering 100% commission to potential affiliates, you are essentially giving them a product of their own to monetize.

You can purchase a copy of 'Rapid Action Profit', a script designed to offer marketers and product developers with the ability to offer affiliates 100% payouts, paid directly to their Paypal by customers.

This is not a free product. I am sorry, I wish I could provide you free.


Here is something you need to be aware of. Often with your '

Viral Marketing Campaign', you will send a rush of traffic to your website, and then over time, lose momentum. This often happens when you base your giveaway or product launch around a time limited event, current trend or some other ‘non-evergreen’ market, like weight loss, skin care, dieting etc.

This happens quite frequently, and rather than spend time and money trying to revamp the launch or replicate your initial results, consider structuring future viral campaigns around more sustainable markets.

Therefore, it will be a very good idea, to evaluate trends in both online and offline marketing to determine what topics and subject matter are likely going to become popular within your market.


Viral Marketing Campaign:

Market Trend

A good place to do this is:

> Google Trends

Also, when you are evaluating digital products in an “Affiliate Marketing Directory” like, Click Bank, then you should visit the Click bank marketplace. Not only that, you should take some time to explore the following resources related to the Click bank market:

> CB Trends

> CB Engine

Read More on 101 Marketing Strategy

Here are some other resources to dwell upon, if you are using "Social Media Marketing”.

> Viral Tweets

Use the power of twitter to launch a viral campaign. Get your viral tweets for free.

Go to "Twitter" page to learn more on 'Twitter



OK. So here we are, at the end of this page. I hope you had a good read and took some valuable information from this page.

Your take home lesson is, it's easy to build a strong foundation for your business by harnessing the power of

viral marketing, if you first evaluate your market closely and determine exactly, what will motivate them to respond and to consistently spread your message throughout your niche.

The viral marketing campaign strategies on this page should enable you to do that fairly easily.

"Viral Marketing" is one of the most cost effective, efficient and powerful strategies for jump-starting a new business, revamping an existing business, or growing a brand new business by offering something of value to the exact customer base that you need, in order to further maximize your income and your outreach.

Viral Marketing <– Campaign Tools & Resources

Begin exploring potential ideas for your first viral marketing campaign

, and take action to build a high response marketing plan that will exploit the power of word of mouth.


You must come back to this page, and all the other related pages on this website, to keep abreast of the most current and effective "Marketing Strategies", to make your 'Viral marketing Campaigns' consistently successful.

Easy way to this is to subscribe to:

Marketing Strategies Blog

With these parting words, I leave you now, and promise to come back with more such strategies and tools to make your viral marketing campaign highly successful.

Here is wishing you all success,



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