101 Marketing Strategy:

Get Your Product Before Your Customers

Most businesses are clearly in need of a '101 Marketing Strategy' to give them a foothold into their target market. With the current level of competition, it is indeed very difficult to build a large and loyal customer base for many small businesses out there.

But everything is not lost.

101 Marketing Strategy: Search engines can be a powerful ally in your war against competition. Yet this aspect is overlooked by most of the small businesses and also by the increasing number of 'Home Based Business' owners.

What this page will teach YOU?

On this page you can look forward to learn how a search engine can drive your business and what you can do to get the most out of the raw power of a search engine.

101 Marketing Strategy: Topics Covered on this Page

Essential Reading:


Your "101 Marketing Strategies" should be focused on ONE and only ONE thing.

How to drive traffic to your website, or how to introduce your product/service to your potential customers, in the least amount of time possible!

101 Marketing Strategy:

Free Search Engine Traffic

It's all about TRAFFIC.

101-Marketing-Strategy: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

Excellent Resources to Get Traffic:

101-Marketing-Strategy: Free Traffic Generation Tool

Fastest Way to be Up and Running with Google Adwords:


Highly Recommended Resources to ‘SCALE UP’ Your Adwords Success:

Resources & Tools You Will EVER Require for Adwords Success

Here is your '101 Marketing Strategy' to use the the power of search engine to drive those kind of traffic to your product/service.


101 Marketing Strategy -

Locating Customers using Search Engine Tools!

Most business owners are quite ignorant of the fact that, search engines like Google, has tools that can help a small business or a "Home Based Business" connect with potential customers through online advertising.

How? Although, Google is more of a search engine, how many of you  really know that, it has tools that can help your business acquire new customers and thus increase revenue?

Welcome to 101 marketing strategy.

Here is what you should know about Google.

It's more than a search engine! 

-> Google Maps: You have the ability to advertise your “Home Based Business” or small business location on Google maps.
-> Google Insights: Lets you in on most searched keywords or topics and the search trend. It gives you the ability to decide on a opportune time to open up a new store or an office location for your small business.
-> Google Trends: Somewhat like Google insights, Google trends allows you to look at the past trend of your market or keyword.
-> Google Analytics: An extremely useful tool to study and analyze your visitors.
-> Google Instant: This is a new tool that populates the page with the search results as you type. Since Google auto-populates the results based on the most popular keyword suggestions, people are going to be shown those results instantly and may decide to go with one of the phrases in the drop down instead of continuing to type out the query they had in mind before.

Tip: So it would be wise to research the keywords your site is currently ranking for to see if they pop up in the keyword suggestions list as you type. If not, you may want to do some additional optimizing for some of the keywords that do appear in the list.

-> Google Adsense: Google offers a way for small businesses and 'Home Based Business' enterprises an opportunity to "Make Money Online" using its publisher network.
-> Google Adwords: This is a paid tool that allows YOU to place advertisements on Google's content network. Businesses can benefit immensely from this tool, by reaching  out to its customers locally and globally.

You will see why I chose to discuss "Google Adwords" as the '101 Marketing Strategy' to focus on and also the easiest and fastest way to get started on Google adwords.


101 Marketing Strategy -

Locate Your Customers and also Market to Them with Google Adwords

Must read:

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By now, you know what adwords is and how it works, if you have read the above. You will also readily agree that this 101 marketing strategy is worth its while.

Why? Because you see, with Google adwords you have the ability to focus on various angles that you could use to market your product/service.

Like for example, if I am promoting this '101 Marketing Strategy' page, then I will write the adwords ad focusing on:

--> Effectiveness of 101 marketing strategy. How effective and result producing this is!
--> Benefits of this 101 marketing strategy. Get your product/service before your local and global audience almost instantly!
--> Cost effectiveness of this 101 marketing strategy. You control the cost!

You see in how many ways you can run your ads. Not only that, you can split test your ads against each other, till you hit upon your 'Golden' ad.


You can also target your ads, using segment targeting, like age, gender, geographical area etc. 

101-Marketing-Strategy: Cheap Adwords Clicks through Segmenting and Placement of Adwords Ads

The beauty about adwords is that, you as an advertiser can measure the impact of your campaigns and conversions.

You will exactly know how many people clicked on your ads and how many actually went and purchased your product/service.

It takes time to know how to use adwords to its full potential. But the benefits far outweigh cost and effort.

Fastest Way to be Up and Running with Google Adwords:

Highly Recommended Resources:

Here is your '101 Marketing Strategy' to use the the power of search engine to drive those kind of traffic to your product/service.

So, there you have your '101 Marketing strategy'.

Harnessing the power of mighty Google, to market your product/service to your target market, faster and efficient. I urge you to go over all the recommended pages and resources to get a good hang of "Google Adwords".

I am sure, if followed properly and diligently the process, you will save tons of money that, otherwise you would spend without a clear direction and end purpose in mind.


And in closing, stick to your plan and work your plan until you hit success.

Here is wishing you all success with your internet marketing strategies,



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