Article Writing for Work at Home Moms

For 'Work at Home Moms' "Article Writing" is a super simple method to "Make Money from Home". All you need is patience, perseverance and the RIGHT Tools for the job.

Writing Articles’ continues to be an effective 'Marketing Strategy' for online businesses to market their products/services. By the same token, article writing is also a livelihood for many folks, opting to work from home, providing the wherewithal to eke out a comfortable living.  

Work at Home Moms – Make This the 1st Day for the Rest of Your Life!

If you are a 'Work at Home Mom' then you should seriously think about "Writing Articles" and make a decent living of off it.

What is in it for YOU?

Whether you are a 'Work at Home Mom' or not, you will get to see see the tools and techniques to make your article writing a simple and fun job.

Article Writing Topics Covered:

=> Writing Articles: The Steps
   -> Writing Articles Starts with Keyword Research 
   -> Topic Research for Writing Articles
   -> Writing Articles & Monetization:

=> Writing Articles: Promote & Establish Trust

Work at Home Moms: For Your Eyes ONLY!

Article-Writing for Work at Home Moms. Made Easy by Site Build It!

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Why Should You Take My Words?

I am into "Article Marketing" and writing articles since 2003. The fun part is, I am 'Making Money On The Internet' by writing articles, as part of my "Home Based Business". You are in good hands. Trust me.


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Work at Home Moms! Don't be overwhelmed with the writing task. If you feel that Article Writing is too much of a bother, use this cool tool to dictate your article and get it written without you having to lift your finger!

Article Writing Steps

1-> Keyword Research: What topic to write? You should write articles targeted to the readers. If there are no readers for your article, then, you wasted your time and effort.

Remember, you are here to 'Make Money', right?

Look for topics that are in demand. How? Through a "Keyword Research".

Download Competitors' Tested Keywords - KeywordSpy

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2-> Topic Research: Niche or topic research is key here to your success. OK.

Article-Writing: Discover Profitable Niches

You now know which keyword to target and write articles about. Now you need to write articles on them.

Article writing will be easy if you follow the process and employ the right tools.

How to do a quick research on the topic?

You can Google the topic and then come up with the content to write. It will be a manual process and will take time.

The smart way of doing things is to either automate the process or outsource the task.

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3-> Monetization: Time to reap the rewards for your hard work. I will discuss the two primary ways to do this. Ready?

> Make Money Selling Affiliate Products: Selling affiliate products is the easiest and fastest way to see money quickly.

Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

Essential Reading: 

> Make Money with Google Adsense:

Article Writing-Adsense Money

"Google Adsense" is also another easy way to "Make Money Online" for the 'Work at Home Moms'.

But you definitely need to learn the tricks and have the right tools for the job.


Must Read: 

The secret to succeed with adsense is to go after the 'Money' keywords, that has little to no competition and madly searched by millions!


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If you have read the above, then you should be on your way to 'Making Money Online'. But, remember, it takes time.

So be patient and never give up.

Article writing will be extremely enjoyable, especially for the 'Work at Home Moms' once you see the money....

But, you will now have to do some promotion to popularize your articles. How?


Article Writing - Promote Your Articles and Establish Trust!

How to promote your articles?

Article Submission:

Submit your articles to the article directories.

Top 20 Article Marketing Directories:


-> eZine articles
-> Article dashboard
-> Go articles
-> Article city
-> Easy articles
-> Article alley
-> Article snatch
-> Article biz
-> Idea marketers
-> Article cube
-> A1 articles
-> Articles base
-> Bharat bhasha
-> Article 99
-> Free article directory UK
-> The article sense
-> Gather
-> Article click
-> i Snare
-> Amazines

Submitting your articles to the article directories consistently and persistently will fetch you the desired results...Guaranteed.

I know for you 'Work at Home Moms' this will be indeed a tough task doing manually.

Article-Writing: Submit your article to hundreds of sites

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So there you have the essential 'Article Writing' steps.

Now it's just a matter of actually following the steps, taking action and making some HOT $$$$$.

To "Make Money from Home" is indeed simple with article writing. Just follow the process discussed here and use the "Marketing Tools" right for the job.

I will be providing you with more such strategies to "Make Money Online", working from home.

Keep tuned in to this page, read all the links below, and finally take ACTION.

For your convenience, bookmark this page or subscribe to the "Marketing Strategies Blog", so that you don't miss the action that is happening on this website.

Finally, here is wishing you all the success with 'Article Writing'.




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