Increase Targeted Web site Traffic with Keywords

How to 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic?', is a question asked by many. Before I even start on the topic, I want you to read "Web Traffic" and "Free Targeted Web Traffic" pages.

Without understanding the basics, it's useless to discuss about 'Web site Traffic'.

As you know website traffic is what many folks are after. But what I am after is "Free Targeted Web Traffic".

Why? For that you 'MUST' read the page, "Free Targeted Web Traffic".

For those of you starting their 'Online Marketing' career, the lesson is simple. Without 'Web site Traffic' you will not make it.

I am no way discouraging you, but, that's the plain truth. Believe it or not.

Why Should YOU Believe me?

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What You Will Get from “Increase Targeted Web site Traffic” Page?

You will learn how to identify and determine keywords that will maximize your potential, to draw in "Free Targeted Web Traffic" from the engines.

Increase Targeted Web site Traffic: Table of Content

Here is Why You Should Believe Me!!

I was a failure in the beginning and it took a good 2 years initially to launch my career in 'Online marketing'. It all happened after my very 1st Internet Marketing Seminar organized by Mike Filsaime and others.

That was an eye opener for me which placed my "Marketing Plan" and initiative in high gear. From that day on I never looked back, and with the “Training & Coaching from some of the best marketers, I was able to launch my "Home Based Business" with "Affiliate Marketing", "MLM" etc.

I was able to "Make Money from Home" that surpassed our combined (Mine and my wife's) day job income. I am not taunting my horn, but, what I am coming at is that, nothing of this sort would have happened, without that very first thing, "Web Traffic".


Increase Targeted Web site Traffic:

Why Keyword Research?

Increase-Targeted-Web site-Traffic: Keyword Research Tool from Keyword Research Tool

Why so much stress is placed on 'Keyword Research'? What's the logic behind that?

Good question. As you know, search engines have become a powerful tool in the hands of the surfers, visitors, customers etc., in that, it's now become an involuntary habit, to head over to Google or any other search engine for that matter, to search on a topic.

And that could be related to the service/product that you have on offer.

So there you have an opportunity, to tap into and increase targeted web site traffic to your offer, from these online surfers.

Keywords are truly the game changer. It's very sad to see many a marketers and online entrepreneurs fumble at this very basic yet crucial step. I was one among them.


Getting into a market without doing a proper "Keyword Research" is like fishing in a pond that has no fishes, and you realize this, after you have wasted your time and resources, completely spent...

Effectively, "Keyword Research" is an ongoing process that should be followed closely. Why?

Because it allows you to take a peek into your visitor's mind, understand their needs and requirements etc. It provides you with valuable insight in terms of industry trends, product demand and supply.


Increase Targeted Web site Traffic:

Plan your Keyword Strategy

Increase-Targeted-Web site-Traffic: Plan Your Keyword Strategy with this Free Traffic Generation Tool

A well planned and comprehensive keyword research can help you 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic' to your 'Internet Business'. This is the `FREE` organic traffic send to you by the engines, that can drastically cut your cost and save you from spending money on "PPC" (pay-per-click) campaigns such as "Google AdWords".

If you don't plan you plan to fail. I have experienced it a number of times.


So the very first lesson to 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic' is to plan. You need to have a basic "Marketing Plan".

I will be covering this topic in detail. Stick around for my updates...

OK. Now here is the thing. You have an objective, an end goal in mind, that's to 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic', right?

How to achieve this? Simple.

As an 'Online Marketing' professional, you should make sure that, the 'RIGHT' people are finding your business online. How?

Through a proper "Keyword Research".


Increase Targeted Web site Traffic:

Keyword Strategies

-1- Keyword Research: First of all identify the keywords relating to your target market or niche. In other words do a 'Niche Research'

Increase-Targeted-Web site-Traffic: Perform Your Initial Research and Discover Profitable Niches with this Free Niche Research Tool

Essential Reading:

-> Keyword Research in Three Steps

Here are the Steps to Follow:

I=> Head over to 'Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

---> Type in your market/product/service name into Google's suggestion tool. It will bring up all the relevant keywords for that term.

---> Identify the terms that are closely related to your market. This step is crucial to narrow down your research and eventually increase targeted web site traffic to your product/service.

---> Now, Google those terms and note down the first 10 or so websites that came up. Those are the websites ranking top in Google for each of the term, related to your market.

At this point, you know the terms that are popular and the top players....

Next what?


II=> Potential Keywords to Increase Targeted Web site Traffic. You need to assess two things here.

     > In-demand Keywords
     > Keywords relevant to Your target or niche market

> Make a list of all such keywords that are 'In-demand' and 'Relevant' to your market.

The easiest way to manually do this, is to type in the website addresses of the top 10 search results that you have, one by one into 'Google Keyword Suggestion Tool'

This will give you all the relevant keywords used on that website for which it is ranking top in Google.

Cool, isn't it?


> You will make a list of keywords based on this exercise. These are the keywords you will go after, keywords that will definitely 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic' to your site.

You will not use the keywords on your list just yet! You will need to fine-tune, assess whether it's possible to rank for those terms.

How will you do this?

Need to dig deeper into the keywords on your list.

Keyword Research Tools & Resources link


Here is where

Increase Targeted Web site Traffic: The Long Tail Keywords

Increase-Targeted-Web site-Traffic: The Art of Longtail Search

By the way, what is this long tail?

A keyword that has more than 2 words generally fits the bill, and has the potential to increase targeted web site traffic.

Here is an example:

"Traffic" --> Too Broad (Extremely Difficult)

"Web Traffic" --> Narrow Keyword (Competitive)

"Free Targeted Web Traffic" --> Narrow and Targeted Keyword (Less Competitive)

"Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" --> Low Hanging Keyword (Least Competitive)

The long tail keywords are therefore easy to rank for, especially, when your domain/website is relatively new.


But, the question is, how to discover them?

Google's keyword tool is an excellent free choice to do the initial 'Market Research', but, it's limited in its functionality as a "Competitive Intelligence Gathering Tool".

Advanced Keyword Research Tools

Internet Marketer’s Tool Set

I will cover more on the long tail strategies on my upcoming page:

"How to Convert Site Traffic Web with Long tail Keywords?"

Watch for my updates…

Suffice to say, using some of the advanced "Keyword Tools" you can dig into the 'Low Hanging Fruits', long tail keywords, that you can easily win.


These are the winnable keywords that will not only rank your pages quickly in the engines, but, also 'Increase Targeted Web site traffic'.

You need to understand one thing. There is a difference between "Web traffic" and "Targeted Web Traffic".

In the former, the traffic is broad and may not result in good conversion. While, a long tail keyword has the ability to increase targeted web site traffic and also "Convert Site Traffic Web".


Increase Targeted Web site Traffic:

Essential Tools for Automation

Time and again I am stressing this one little factor, that can literally explode your 'Online Marketing', and that is 'Automation'.

One other thing, join the "Web Traffic Insider Club", to be let into a highly classified "Web Traffic" strategies and tools not open for the general visitors....


Increase Targeted Web site Traffic:

Keyword Strategies to Automate

Let's see what keyword strategies, covered above, that can be automated.

-> Your Initial Niche Research:

> Google Keyword Tool - Free
> PPC Web Spy: A New Technique of Market research - Free
> Site Build IT: Super Intuitive Brainstorming Tool & Website Builder
> PPC Bully:  Redefining Niche Research. Extremely Effective Strategy

-> Analyze the Strength of Competition:

> Site Build IT: Super Intuitive Brainstorming Tool
> Keyword Elite: Excellent for Longtail Keywords

Get all the Tools Here


-> Discover Keywords Overlooked by Others: (Don't Leave Money on the Table!)

> IMeye: Top choice
> Site Build IT: Super Intuitive Brainstorming Tool & Website Builder
> PPC Bully: Redefining Niche Research. Extremely Effective Strategy

-> Structure Your "Marketing Plan" based on Top Competitor Keywords:

Automate this strategy, to discover "Free Targeted Web traffic", received by the top competitors' and position yourself with these 'literally spied' keywords.

The tools below will get you 'Right of the Bat', keywords that will 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic' to your site.

> Keyword Spy: Discover Top Ranking Competitors keywords
> IMeye: Top choice
> Site Build IT: Super Intuitive Brainstorming Tool & Website Builder
> Micro Niche Finder: A Good Low cost Option


Free Keyword Research Tools:

> Traffic Travis: Free yet Effective Tool
> Google Traffic Generation Tool: This is not Google’s Free Tool 

Do You Have a Blog? Get this FREE PDF: 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic 
No matter whichever tool you use, the purpose is to get the results quick and save you tons of time through intelligent automation.

Join "Web Traffic Insider Club" and get the most amazing and unheard of Web Traffic Generation strategies from my +7 years of 'Internet Marketing'. These techniques are NOT shared on this website and is limited to the first 100 visitors...


Do not forget to visit this page very often, as you will find new related topics on, how to 'Increase Targeted Web site Traffic', that are ripe for picking, meaning to say, highly converting.

-----KA CHING--- Did you just hear $$$$

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As always, here is wishing you all success to ‘Increase Targeted Web site Traffic’ to your "’Online Business’ and also with your Marketing Tools!!




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