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Welcome to 'Free Targeted Web Traffic' page. I am sure you must be really tired of hearing about Website Traffic issues and challenges an online marketer faces.

But, the solutions are not easy to come by for this “Web Traffic” issue.

And that's the whole purpose and intention behind this web page, in fact the "Marketing Strategies" website even. You may wonder why I am giving out so much of insider information on this website!!!

Why You Should Listen to Me?

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Free Targeted Web Traffic Strategies You Will Learn:

Here is why, You Must Listen to Me:

You know what, I was also at one time, desperate to get "Web Traffic" to my "MLM Business Opportunity" and generate leads and leaders for my "MLM" business. I lived that desperation for quite a number of years with untold days and nights of frustration.

You can read "My Story" here.

Now that I have paved my way to success, with free targeted web traffic to my online businesses, I want to share that success with the beginners and other enthusiastic marketers, struggling out there.

Pay it forward, is my policy.

I am also giving out exclusive insider tricks for members of "Web Traffic Insider Club". By the way, it's 'FREE'.

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Essential Tools & Resources:

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Targeted Web Traffic

"Why Free Targeted Web Traffic?"

Why not any traffic? What is the difference between any traffic and a targeted web traffic?

OK. When an individual is casually searching for something on the web, the search term is always a broad term.

For E.G, if I am searching for a free and targeted web traffic solution, then I will type in "Free Targeted Web Traffic", because, I am looking for exactly that kind of a solution as opposed to a casual surfer exploring traffic solutions.

Search Pattern: Traffic > Web Traffic > Free Internet Traffic > Targeted Web Traffic > Free Targeted Web Traffic

Did you notice from the above example, how the search term increases in length and focus.


Your goal is to focus on the 'Free Internet Traffic' and not any traffic.

A targeted traffic can be interpreted as:

> Targeting a niche market (Broad keyword)
> Targeting a segment within the niche (A narrow search)
> Targeting the buyers within the segment (Long tail keyword with an intention to buy/purchase)

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: The Art of Longtail Search


Free Targeted Web Traffic: The Challenges

Lacking in traffic, let alone 'Free Internet Traffic' is just not your only problem. It's a common problem that 99% marketers face.

Based on my experience, I have tried all the tricks in the book to drive free targeted web traffic to my offers and websites.

Did I achieve any success? You bet.

But, the point is, not all website traffic is created equal. Meaning, some of them will be broad and extremely competitive, while, others are narrow and much focused.


But, it is the 'Long tail Traffic' that we are after.

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: The Art of Long tail Search

Why? Because they are very targeted to the extent that, the surfer is looking to buy some solution. Chasing such traffic is far more profitable than the so called broad traffic.

The long-tail keywords are extremely narrow and close to the end of a buying cycle. The intent behind such a keyword is more often than not, to buy something.

The challenge for me however, was to get loads of these 'Free Targeted Web Traffic'. Why?

Because since it was a very focused and highly targeted keyword/niche, the quantity of such traffic was few and far between.


The other challenges/observations were as follows:

1. Extremely slow process. To attract free targeted web traffic takes a long time, especially if the niche that you are in, is highly competitive.

2. Visitor behaviour. Once a visitor enters your site, the time between the entry and exit points, what took place? Did it result in any sale or any other kind of monetary benefit for your site?

I noticed that visits to my site on an average did not last more than a minute. Thus, even though you were getting 'Free Targeted Web Traffic', it was not resulting in a desired action! 

3. Free Targeted Web Traffic without 'Conversion' is as good as 'NO' traffic.

So what are the solutions?


Free Targeted Web Traffic: Strategies & Solutions

A word of caution: Getting free internet traffic from the engines is a very slow process.

Looking to Fast Track and get Results Quick?

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Let's look at the end goal in mind, which is, your 'Most Wanted Response' from your visitor. And that could be; A sale, an email address for your opt-in list, a subscription to your eZine etc.

Managing to get a good amount of 'Free Targeted Web Traffic' to your site, is indeed 1/2 the battle won.


Free Internet Traffic Starts with Your Website:

Click Here for FREE Website Builder

Do you have a web site? You need to have a Website to market, promote and sell your product/service online.

Turn WordPress into a sales machine

Assuming that you have a website, your next step is to drive in the web traffic to your website.

If you are new marketer with limited funds, you should focus on the 'Free Targeted Web Traffic' from the search engines.

So let's see how to achieve this:


> Keyword Strategy for Free Targeted Web Traffic:

This is your very first step in identifying and locating your niche target and the search terms to go after.

Must Read:

Coming Up:

Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic With a Well Defined Keyword Strategy!

Book mark and visit this page for updates...


> Attract Free Targeted Web Traffic with Content Creation:

You must have heard the saying, "Content is King". This is absolutely spot-on to get free targeted web traffic.

You will use the keywords that are targeted to your niche/market, and very often searched for. These are the 'In-demand' keywords that will drive 'Free Targeted Web Traffic' to your site.

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: Free Web Traffic Generation Tool

You will build content around these keywords and publish on your website. Content writing requires a skilled marketing technique to play to the emotions and feelings of your readers.

An excellent skill to have but, hard to acquire. But, it will come from practice...


Nevertheless, here are some very useful resources and tools that you can use.

-> Net Writing Masters – Free PDF
-> Copywriting

Content Writing Tools & Resources

PLR: An alternative to writing Content

Outsource Your Content Writing for Less

Here is the bottom line.

Write content that pleases the humans and the engines. This will ensure that the engines send free targeted web traffic your way, unasked.


> Viral Strategies to Increase Free Targeted Web Traffic:

This web site is full of that, isn't it? Here we are looking at the power of multiplication and leveraging.

=> Viral Marketing: Quadruple your website traffic using the power of "Viral Marketing". 'Spread the Word', is the strategy that we are looking at.

Essential Reading:

-> Skyrocket Your Sales With Advanced Viral Marketing Strategies
-> Proven Viral Marketing Campaign Strategies
-> Butterfly Marketing: A Viral Experimentation

Essential Viral Marketing Tools


=> Social Media: An excellent marketing strategy to generate 'Free Internet Traffic' from fan following.

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: Social Media Facebook Marketing Techniques

However, this may not result in good conversion. Remember, we talked about your 'Most Wanted Response', SALES!

That's what is conversion. But, I am sure if you can persist and push on, you may get some good conversion by virtue of your "Social Media Marketing" efforts.


Listen Up!!

I will very shortly provide a super cool "Twitter" strategy to build massive Twitter following. Join “Web Traffic Insider Club” and get access to that page…..

Essential Social Media Reading:

-> IS Social Media Right For Your Business?
-> High Yield Social Media Marketing Tips.!
-> High Octane Twitter Marketing Strategies
-> Simply Effective Twitter Marketing Tips

Get Your Social Media Tools

What is the secret to attracting FREE Web Traffic from the engines? The answer is CTPM. A collection of Tools, Training & Resources to make that happen. All for a cost of less than a coffee a day! Unbelievable? Believe it!


Free Targeted Web Traffic: Leveraging with Automation

Getting free internet traffic involves hard work and is also time consuming. You cannot just sit there and decide to do everything manually. BIG MISTAKE.. And sadly a very common mistake committed by many a marketers.


Must Read:

The Reasons for Struggle with an Internet Business

Free Internet Traffic Resources

Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: Without Traffic NO Business. The #1 Traffic Getting System


Tools & Resources from this Website

Automation and Outsourcing are the key factors to your success.


Free-Targeted-Web-Traffic: Automate, Outsource and Optimize for Maximum Success

"Achieve faster results with lesser amount of time spent before your PC", should be your objective.

This cannot be imagined without automating and/or outsourcing the grind work.

I hope you have found this page to be helpful and easy to follow.

Please feel free to write to me using the "Contact Me" form, if you are looking for any particular strategy to grow your traffic that you want me to cover.

Join the "Web Traffic Insider Club", to get highly advanced and rarely spoken about 'Free Internet Traffic' techniques, that I continuously update and keep current.

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As always, here is wishing you all success in your Online Marketing and also with your Marketing Tools!!




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