Convert Site Traffic Web Technique: Longtail Keywords

First of all, welcome to 'Convert Site Traffic Web' page. I know this phrase is a little confusing, but I guess, this is how, many folks interpret the phrase 'Convert Web site Traffic'.

Any ways, really what we are interested in, is "How to Build Web site Traffic", that will eventually 'Convert' most of the visitors, if not all, into happy 'Customers'!

And secondly, How to "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" to your Niche! 

I am sure you will agree with me, right?

I have discussed "Web Traffic", "Free Targeted Web Traffic" and "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic", all separately. These Pages contain some incredible information that will add tremendous value and input, to what we are going to discuss on 'Convert Site Traffic Web' page.

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What You Can Expect from 'Convert Site Traffic Web' Page?

Let me start with this question, "How to Convert Web site Traffic, the easiest way possible?"

Any one? OK.

You need couple of things to do this:

> Targeted Web Traffic
> Excellent Web Content

'Convert Site Traffic Web' page will discuss how to get "Free Targeted Web Traffic" from Long tail Keywords.


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Convert Site Traffic Web Techniques: The Art of Long tail

Convert-Site-Traffic-Web: The Art of Longtail Search

If you have read "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" page, you saw how a long tail keyword has the potential to attract "Free Targeted Web Traffic" to your product/service on offer.

On this 'Convert Site traffic Web' page, you will learn ,"How to Convert your highly Targeted Web traffic?" into paying customers or happy subscribers!

What is the trick? Your "Web Page Content" will do the trick!

What you will write your 'Web Page Content' on?


Obviously, your product/ service or about your niche market that is relevant to your product/service. Isn't it?

The assumption is that, you have done your initial market/niche research and identified the keywords that you have determined, gets good volume of traffic and also the winnability of the terms.

This is very crucial before you go after the long tail keywords. And I have covered the techniques on "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" page. 

So, you now have an idea which are the keywords that you will target and use as your 'Web Page Content'.

Now the question is what exactly to look for in your long tail keyword and how to interpret them?


Read this 'Long tail' interview with the expert, to understand its relevance and importance to your Marketing Strategy. Leverage the knowledge gained from this interview, by applying the techniques discussed on 'Convert Web site Traffic' page, and You have your success formula for 'Free Targeted Web site Traffic' right here, right now!

Convert Site Traffic Web Techniques: The Long & Short of Long tail


In my opinion, the main purpose of targeting a long tail keyword, is to determine first hand, what type of audience a specific keyword attracts and whether it's relevant to your niche.

If you have done a proper "Keyword Research" and chosen your long tail keywords with due diligence, then you can rest assured of "Free Targeted Web Traffic".

Congratulations: 1/2 the battle is won. The playing field is now leveled.


Now the 2nd half of the battle begins. This is where your relevancy will come into play.

If you have thoroughly researched your niche in the very first place, then relevancy is almost automatically established.

Convert-Site-Traffic-Web: Automate Your Niche Research & Discover Profitable Niches

Go to "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" page, if you have not understood the 1st part of the game, long tail "Keyword Research".


Convert Website Traffic with Long tail Relevancy

The second part (relevancy) obviously is more important to ensure:

> Targeted and Interested audience
> Willingness to Listen to You
> Establish Trust and Relationship
> Conversion from Suspect > Prospect > Happy Customer > Repeat Sales...

The conversion happens around your 'Web Content'.

The formula for writing a good web content is:

Write Content that Pleases the Humans & the Engines!


Convert Site Traffic Web Techniques: Dissecting The Long tail

Convert Site Traffic Web: Parts of the Long Tail


> The Head: What does it mean? The head represents a 'Broad' search term. E.G., Traffic. Now traffic may mean any thing, isn't it?

Road traffic, Air traffic, "Web Traffic", Sea traffic etc. Such a term is too broad and really un-targeted. So if you are getting search traffic from a broad term, it means nothing to you.

Because such a traffic adds no value to your website in terms of relevancy and other goodies discussed above.

Remember, your end objective is to 'Convert Web site Traffic' or 'Convert Site Traffic Web', whichever way you prefer to read it.


Head Has its Place:

You need to have the 'Head', i.e, the broad term, E.G., 'Traffic' in your target search term, because that's what is actually pulling the traffic, and giving a direction to the engines to send people related to this search term.

And it doesn't mean that it has to be placed first on your long tail key word string. It can be placed anywhere, only thing is that, it has to be in your keyword.

Here is a cool "Keyword Search Tool", that can come up with extremely high numbers of long tail keywords.

The point is, if you slightly alter the term 'Traffic' to read as, 'web site traffic', 'web traffic', 'internet traffic' etc., you will get more refined audience.


As the term gets narrower, the length of the keyword increases.

And that takes us to the body of the long tail.

I hope you are getting the picture, and also interpreting the term 'Convert Site Traffic Web' correctly.

> The Body:

The essential factor to convert web site traffic, is your long tail keyword structure itself. Now, your long tail body will constitute of 2 or more letters, and will be narrow and more targeted to a searcher's query.

An example would be, "Web Traffic", 'Web site Traffic' etc. See how this is more refined and targeted than the term 'Traffic'. 

> While researching long tail keywords, also remember this:

Your "Keyword Research" happens in two ways:

--> Vertical
--> Lateral


In a vertical keyword research, you will find your main search term included in the results.

E.G., Traffic: Web traffic > Web site traffic > Free Targeted Web Traffic > Increase Targeted Web site Traffic etc.

Note how the broad term 'Traffic' is in all of them.


Convert Site Traffic Web's Hot Tip:

Convert-Site-Traffic-Web: The Evolution of Traffic

Google Instant: When you type a query in Google, did you notice that, Google is suggesting the keywords well ahead...

Guess what, that's Google's new search feature called "Google Instant".

A good place to start your long tail keyword hunt, if you cannot afford automating the whole thing...


Essential Keyword Tools

OK. Let's look at the lateral search terms. This again can be gotten free from Google Instant search. For E.G., for the term "Web Traffic", can you see the lateral keywords suggested by Google?

To quickly add here, you can 'convert website traffic' also with the 'Lateral' search terms.

Therefore, the body of long tail will have 'multiple word', search terms, that to a large extent, will hold your visitor's interest, and prod them to look further.

Meaning to say, they will continue to stay on your site, looking for more information.


This is a very good sign that your objective to 'Convert Site Traffic Web' method is almost successful.

Another unseen but long-term benefit is that, your website automatically rises in "Search Engine Positioning" due to your visitor's actions.   

But, you are not there yet. You need to get to the final phase of your challenge, to 'Convert' your visitor into a 'Customer'.

That's what "Convert Site Traffic Web" page is all about.

And that brings us to the tail-end of the story.


> The Tail:

The tail-end is where the action happens. When someone lands on your website with a long tail keyword, that individual has made up his/her mind to stick around and see what you have to offer.

This is where you will actually convert your visitor from a mere surfer to an interested buyer.

Convert-Site-Traffic-Web: The Evolution of Traffic

And that's where a long tail key word really comes into play. The intent behind such surfing pretty much boils down to taking that step to your 'Call of Action'.………$$$$

To Summarize, folks searching with a long string of words are not only interested, but, actually invested in the subject, with pretty much their 'Credit Cards' out.


This 'Convert Site Traffic Web' page technique of 'Long tail Keyword Marketing' is a powerful strategy to beat the competition and "Increase Targeted Web site Traffic" that are ripe for plucking, ready to convert.

The last piece in the 'Convert Site Traffic Web' puzzle is your web content. You need to have some excellent web page content strewn with all your long tail keywords.


Convert Site Traffic Web Techniques: The Longtail Web Content

Convert-Site-Traffic-Web Content Technique: Targeting Your Ideal Audience with Longtail Keywords Writing is not for every one. You need 'Time', 'Patience', ‘Passion’ & a little skill. Not hard really.

Read about “Article Marketing” and “Writing Articles” to get some inspiration and developing your writing skills.

But, what could be challenging is the driving factor, and that is 'Motivation'... What is Your Motivation? Where and how to get it?


Are You Passionate about What You are Doing?

There are so many tools and resources available for you to write excellent web content. Here are a few of them, all FREE


Get all Your Writing Tools & Resources

I will be writing about "Web Site Content" development and strategies on a separate page. So keep checking for the updates. I bet, you don't want to miss it at any cost...

Convert Site Traffic Web Page Conclusion

In closing, I want to reiterate the importance and effect of 'Long Tail Keyword Marketing' and its role in converting the "Free Targeted Web Traffic" that you have painstakingly managed to get.

The key components to 'Convert Web site Traffic' are:

  • Targeted Keywords
  • Web site Content, that Pleases BOTH the Humans & Engines.

A Long tail keyword relevant to your niche, makes that happen, as you have read above.


It's very wisely put, "Long Tail is the Future of Online Marketing"

The Longtail Search

As always, here is wishing you all success to “Increase Targeted Web site Traffic’ to your ’Online Business’, using the long tail keyword strategy discussed on this page!!




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