Definitive Off-page SEO to Build Web site Traffic

Welcome to 'Build Web site Traffic' page. A most frequently asked question, "How to Build Web Traffic?"

Is there any short cut to "Web Traffic"? I am afraid NO. It takes real work. And one of them is to read this page and other related topics seriously.

"Web Traffic" is a serious business. It costs you 'Time' & 'Money'. But once you learn the art of driving traffic to your business, all your efforts come to fruition.

Topics You Will Readon This Page:

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I covered the 'On-page' SEO strategies on "Increase-Web-traffic-Targeted" page.


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On 'Build Web site Traffic' page, I will go over the 'Off-page SEO' techniques, to rise in 'Search Engine Ranking' and to get all the free "Web traffic" that you can.

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Build Web site Traffic: Off-page SEO

Why off-page SEO?

While you have all the control with 'On-page' SEO, your off-page SEO is slightly different, in that, you have limited choices.

But, those very choices are crucial to get a decent page ranking and recognition from the engines.

And to build traffic, you need to work with the engines, especially, if it's "Free Traffic". You need to give the engines its 'Spider food' to get into its good books.


Another point to remember is that, going forward, your off-page strategies will play increasingly important role in getting a good "Search Engine Positioning".

This will be a solid platform for you to 'Build Web site Traffic' from the engines.

Google has already implemented 'Google +' button, which is, similar to Facebook's 'Like' button. Google is the leading search engine.

And, what does 'Google +' indicate?

User behaviour. If a user likes your 'Web Content', then obviously, he/she will vote for the page, share the page, bookmark it etc.


All these gestures are captured, collected and analyzed by Google, to index and rank your page for popularity.

The higher your page rank, the more "Web Traffic" you command. It's said that, there are over 100 variants used by Google to build its algorithm architecture.

And it's mostly centered around user behaviour.

Therefore, you have very limited control on these off-page characteristics, driven by a visitor's series of actions, before, after and while on your page, all accounted by Google.


But the simple and straight forward approach to adopt is:

Write Content that Pleases Your Visitors & Engines alike!  

Now let's see what off-page strategies that you can adopt and control, to please the engines.

Before we get into that, here is something you need to really read:

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Build Web site Traffic: The Off-page SEO Techniques

> Link Building: The most important and easily controllable strategy for “Web site Traffic Building from the engines.

Build-Web-site-Traffic: Build Web site Traffic with Low Cost High PR Links

"Link Building" is all about voting and popularity.

Google and the other engines view the in-bound links to your site from other related popular websites, as a 'Vote' cast in favour of your website.

It then ranks your page to which the other website page is linking, depending on the Quality, Popularity and Authority of the linking site.

Now, if your website has many such 'Incoming' links, then your site will be ranked very high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

This grabs the attention of the web surfers, and you have a splendid opportunity to draw them into your website.

How you will do this?


Read the Following Pages:

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Admitted that, "One Way Links" are powerful to drive your site's popularity and get indexed by the engines real quick, it also has negative effects, if done improperly or excessively.

That said, to build web site traffic freely from the engines, "Link Building" is a MUST for every marketer.

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Build Web site Traffic with These Link Building Tips

Building back links is like handling a double edged sword.

Meaning to say, you can use it to significantly improve your "Search Engine Positioning", and if you do your linking improperly, it can affect your ranking and your "Web Traffic" eventually.

Your objective is to 'Generate Web site Traffic', isn't it?


Link Building to Build Web site Traffic: Key Factors

1-> Link Source: Your "One Way Links" should come from different sources. If not, your links will be considered as SPAM and will be disqualified.

Result: Poor ranking.

2-> Link Destination: You should strive to get links also to your inner pages of your site. In other words deep linking.

If all your links end up on the homepage, it will result in less ranking. The engines will not see this as 'Natural' linking.  

3-> Internal Links: Ideally, all your pages should link to your homepage. You should also have links coming from your homepage to your inner pages, as well as links between your inner pages.


> Here is how an ideal Inner Link Structure should be:

Marketing Strategies (Home page) -> Build Web site traffic (Tier 3)

Build Web site Traffic -> Marketing Strategies

Web Traffic (Tier 2) -> Build Web site traffic

Build Web site traffic -> Web Traffic

Like this all your pages should have a good linking strategy.

Orphaned pages and broken links are frowned by the engines.


4-> Anchor Text: What is an anchor text?

Here is an example of anchor text:

How to Build Web site Traffic?

Note the highlighted words "Build Web site Traffic" in the above sentence. That's the anchor text.

Why is this important? OK.

For example, if you have 'Build Web site Traffic' as your keyword that you are targeting to rank for, then any links coming to your site, from related pages, with 'Build Web site Traffic' as the anchor text, will have more link power than any other keyword.


Do you get my point?
5-> Make it Real & Natural: Speed is a 5 letter is Death (to your link building).

If you want to “Get Web site Traffic” that is long term and enduring, then you need to build your links naturally.

Slow down your "Link Building" process, and make it look like natural.

Of course this is a tedious task, but, if you want to build web site traffic, then you need to put in the hard work.

Don't worry, there are tools to automate this process.


Build Web site Traffic: Automation Tools

An Excellent Link Building Tool 
Essential Reading:

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Get All Your Link Building Tools

With that said, let's look at the other controllable On-page SEO factors.

I sincerely hope that, you have found 'Build Web site Traffic' page informative and useful.

I want to hear from you, your opinion, suggestions or ideas to Build Web site Traffic, and what needs to be covered.

You should take time to visit all the links below, that are related topics and covered in depth separately.


Coming Up Shortly:

Generate Web site Traffic by Publishing Content on the Web. Here's How!

So, once again stay in touch, book mark this page and visit them frequently.

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