Blogging Your Way to Generate Web site Traffic

Welcome to 'Generate Web site Traffic' page. You already read about "How to Build Web site Traffic?" If not, you should read that page at least once.

"Build Web site Traffic" is a very informative discussion, on the ever growing need to understand and implement correctly, the 'Off-page SEO' strategies. 

However, on this page, we will see how easy and effective it is, to generate web site traffic, by publishing your content on the world wide web.

We are talking here two things:

> Web Content
> Web content Publishing

The underlining factor here is, 'Content Writing'. You need content on your website as well as to publish it over the net.

Cannot use the same content for both. That is duplication, with far reaching negative effects...

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'Generate Web site Traffic' page will discuss 'Web Content' publishing, using the blogging platform.

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Generate Web site Traffic: Table of Content


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On “Build Web site Traffic” page, I have discussed the 'Off-page SEO' techniques, to rise in 'Search Engine Ranking' and to get all the free "Web Traffic" that you can.

On this page, you will see how to publish your content using the blogging platform.


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Generate Web site Traffic: Why Blog?

Here are Some Interesting Facts about Blogging:

-> Statistics say over 300 million people actually read blogs
-> In US alone than no. is over 50 million
-> Blogging has a staggering growth rate of 120%
-> Blogging is an activity that is catching up with emails
-> Blog readers generally are online shoppers with reasonable spending power
-> "Blog Marketing" is a powerful tool for marketers


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Alright, so from the above statistics, "isn't it clear that, to 'Generate Web site traffic', and that too highly targeted, is actually possible?" 


Your Blogging Platform

The crucial factor when it comes to "Blog Marketing" is your blogging platform itself. Why?

Because that's the foundation for your Blog Marketing. Your foundation has to be strong and long-term, and for that purpose, you will need stable, secure and a steady platform. Isn't it?

There are different platforms for you to consider, like; "Drupal", "Typepad", "Posterous", etc. But, the most prominent are Google's "Blogger" and "Word Press".

Both of them can be used to generate web site traffic. But, I will strongly recommend Wordpress.


Why? Because of the following reasons:

-> You have no control over Blogger
-> Google can change the rules any day, leaving you high and dry
-> You are not building your reputation, you are building Google's!
-> You do the hard work, and Google gets all your "Web Traffic"
-> Blogging is an effective way to build trust and relationship with your customer. A customer cannot really place any trust on a blog hosted on some one else's domain!

How about Word press?

Even with Wordpress, you need to host your domain, and that can be only done at "" and not, "", which is a free hosting like Blogger.


Your objective is to 'Generate Web site Traffic' and not to lose them to others.

With that little education on blogging, let's look at some of the essential factors.

Should You Blog or Build A Website?

Should You Blog or Build A Website? An interesting argument focused on the long-term establishment of a Business as opposed   to blogging, as a marketing tool, to Build Web site Traffic !


Generate Web site Traffic with Proper Blogging Techniques

Ok. Just why do you think blogging will generate web site traffic?

It will, for the very simple reason that Google loves it. Why?

Because of the fresh content that blogs generate. And Google wants fresh 'Web Content' to serve its surfers!

So, what kind of content you need?

-> Content that is relevant to your target market
-> Content that addresses your visitors concerns, questions and queries
-> Content that is easily readable, understandable and digestible to the humans & engines
-> Content that serves your visitor's interest first

Such a content will definitely 'Generate Web site Traffic', even virally.


But what about me, my sales, my profit ?

Is this what you are thinking?

That is the last step, and I will cover that in detail on, "Earn Money Blogging: A 3 Step process!".

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Excellent FREE Content Writing Resources:

> Get Your Writing Tools Here

> Blogging Tools & Resources


Generate Web site Traffic: Steps to Blogging

Free Word Press Tutorials

Must Read:

> Learn How To Blog From A Seasoned Blogger


1--> Make Your Blog a Part of Your Website: Your blog should be part of your website. Why?

Because, blog posts are living pages as opposed to a website, which is a static sales page, more often than not. And Google and other engines love fresh content.

In other words, a blog simply makes your website dynamic. The blog content when published, will automatically inject new content.

The search engines love this and rewards your website with higher rankings.

Guess what; These higher rankings 'Generate Web site Traffic' and pre-sold leads for your business.

Wondering, "How to add a blog to your website?"

Generate-Web-site-Traffic: Let This Blogging Software Automate the Tedious Work!

This blog will be your marketing platform, to 'Generate Web site Traffic' and promote your product/service, through your website.


Want to Outsource Your Blog Building?

So you are essentially driving 'Pre-qualified' "Web Traffic" to your website's sales page.

Your sales page will do the rest...$$$

> Convert Site Traffic Web Technique: Long tail Keywords

What comes to my mind is, "Copywriting". How to write a "SALES COPY" that has only one purpose, to $ell...

Essential Copy writing Tools


2—> Write Blog Posts to Generate Web site Traffic:

How? You blog post should be relevant to your market and should provide a wealth of information to your readers.

Blog Post Writing Tips:

<-> Your Blog Post Title: Clear, Concise, Keyword rich. Use your blog title to generate warm responsiveness in the visitor.

---> Give your visitor a fore-taste of what is to follow. Most importantly, your keyword should be on it.

These are basically the 'Off-page SEO' strategies that we discussed on, "Increase Web traffic Targeted" page.


Generate Web site Traffic: More Spider Food

Remember, how I said earlier, web content written in a manner understood by the engines, is the spider food.

Why is it called spider food?

The engines have robots that crawls the web pages looking for fresh meat (Web content). These robots are also known as search engine spiders, that crawls the web pages, indexes and ranks them.


Content is what a search engine exists on. Hence the term spider food.

Take for example, When Google's spider crawls your site, think, what happens?

=> It updates the information related to it, such as; your keywords and all the other SEO factors that has gone into constructing your web page.

And to your best interest, you want Google's 'BOT' to crawl your site as often as possible.


How to do this?

Regularly write fresh content that pleases both the engines and the human visitors. The more you do this, the more your website grows into popularity and authority.

This is how you will build web site traffic and grow your 'Online Business'.

Essential Resources for Content Writing:

Training, Tools, Content Writing & SEO Strategies ALL in ONE Place!


I sincerely hope that, you have found 'Generate Web site Traffic' page informative and useful.

I want to hear from you, your opinion, suggestions or ideas to "Build Web site Traffic", and what needs to be covered.

You should take time to visit all the links below, that are related topics and covered in depth separately.

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