Web site Traffic Building with Blog Posts

Welcome to 'Web site Traffic Building' page. As the name suggests, this page is all about building "Web Traffic" from blogs.

And, what do you think will be the driving force behind your blog?

If you didn't guess it right, it's your blog post; Your 'Web site Traffic Building' driver for your blog.

If you have read "Generate Web site Traffic” Page, then you know, how blogs can be a powerful tool to "Build Web site Traffic"!

You also understood how blogging has gained in popularity and momentum, that, it's now a marketing power to reckon with!

Whether it's a "Blog OR Website", it's the content that brings it to life. A well written blog post or a web page, will naturally attract eager visitors.

The more web pages or blog posts you add, the more the visitors you get.

Web site traffic building will be easy, once you have a good number of quality content published on the web.

Writing Tools & Resources

What You Will Learn from Web site Traffic Building Page?

Strategies to write an effective 'Blog Post' using proper SEO.

Web site Traffic Building: Table of Content

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If you go to "Build Web site Traffic" page, you will read there, the 'Off-page SEO' techniques, to rise in 'Search Engine Ranking' and to get all the free "Web Traffic" that you possibly can.

And on 'Web site Traffic Building' page, you will learn, how to write a blog post, that will grab your visitor's attention.

"Blog Marketing' is all about that, isn't it?

Now if you are just starting out with your blog, then, you will have so many questions.

Therefore, go to "How to Blog" page and give it a good read.

In all seriousness, web site traffic building is not a joke. IT takes real work.

If you intend to drive "Web Traffic" to your blog, then, you should read this page to the end, to understand the power of a blog post.

Blogging Tools & Resources

Web-site-Traffic-building: Blog web site traffic-Success Training


Web site Traffic Building: Make Blog Post Writing a Fun!

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Your objective of writing a blog post are tow folds:

(A) Web site Traffic Building, (B) Conversion.

Always have this end goal before you, then, writing blog posts will be enjoyable.


How to Write an Engaging Blog Post?

- Know your topic well.
- Write to your visitor.
- Make your sentences short and to the point.
- Bring a kind of enthusiasm and cheerfulness in your writing. (The reader will be equally responsive and all geared up.)
- Offer valuable content and information.
- Keep your visitor's interest first. Meaning to say, do not sound like a sales pitch.

> The $ales will Happen!

I know it's difficult at first to write something like this.

Excellent Writing Resources:


Tools to Aid in Your Writing

Now you now, how 'Web site Traffic Building' has to happen with such a writing technique!

But, "Is that all you need to be successful, with your web site traffic building?"

Far from it. You have only catered to the humans. What about the search engines?

Whether it's building a blog or a website, what matters is the content. Writing your content that will please the readers and the engines alike, is the secret sauce. Without proper Tools and the Know-how, do you think this is possible? Your 'Web Traffic' generation starts with 'C' of C-T-P-M. See what I mean by clicking on this link now!


Web site Traffic Building: Essential Blog Post Components

Give the engines what it wants...spider food.

Let's see how to feed the engines with protein powered content/food.

> Blog Post Title: Grab your visitor's attention with your title. This is the very first thing your visitor sees.

Your title should contain a gist of what your post is all about.

A well written blog post title, will suck the "Web Traffic" in, that the engines send your way.

Therefore, your website traffic building begins with your blog post title. Simple as that.

--> Hone Your Copy writing Skills

Make sure your keyword is on the title. Now don't ask why the keyword has to be there. You know why, right?

The whole idea of 'Web site Traffic Building', is to get high rankings for your keyword, yes or no?


Keyword Tools & Resources

You want your keywords to be on your Header tag, Title tag and Description tag.

Read the following pages for more clarity.

-> Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic With a Well Defined Keyword Strategy!
-> Increase Web Traffic Targeted to Your Niche with Proven On-page SEO

> Blog Post Structure: The body of your blog post has to be well defined with your target keyword strategically placed.

Why this is critical to your Web site Traffic Building exercise?

--> Your keywords are like 'HOOKS' to the engines. Meaning, the engines will be able to interpret your blog post and relate to your topic easily.

E.G., If your topic is about "Web Traffic" and your keyword is 'Web site Traffic Building', the engines will interpret it as relevant and related to web traffic. And it is, right?

-> So, going by the above example, you should also spray a little bit, the term "Web Traffic" on your blog post. This will make your post well rounded and you will also get traffic from that keyword.

You see my point? Don't just stick to your main keyword. Use also generic terms and synonyms on your blog post.

This will in fact speed-up your web site traffic building results.

> Links: "Link Building" is an essential requirement to generate web site traffic. You may wonder, how?


How to Build Back Links for Profit?

The purpose of a link is to guide the engines to related topics or pages or posts that readers will be interested in.

Engines are there to serve the web surfers with the most relevant content to their search queries.

And your job is to guide the engines to where the content is.

How you will do this?

Through your links. So you see how links are vitally important for web site traffic building purposes.

<> Linking Structure: A good linking structure will have the links going back and forth from your inner pages or blog posts to your homepage.

All your inner pages or posts should be linking to similar or related posts. More spider food.

You are essentially guiding the engines to where the content (spider food) is, thus, increasing your web site traffic building opportunities.


Essential Reading:

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-> One Way Links: Factors Essential to Topple Your Competition!!

Link Building Tools & Resources

> Multi media Content: Just what is multimedia? How does this help in 'Web site Traffic Building'?

I know these are the questions on your mind. Well, first of all, multimedia is also a form of web content (spider food) on your blog post.

Only difference is, it is in the form of graphics, images, videos, audio etc.

Did you note, it's not text. Guess what, the engines read, understand and relate to only text. 


So, what's the use of graphics, if the engines don't understand them?

Do you know how much Google love graphics? I just googled the term 'Web site Traffic Building', and just see what came up!

Note, just how, the video is ranked on the 1st page. Users love videos, images etc. Make your user's experience a memorable and pleasurable one, with multi media. 

So, get serious and have multi media content on your blog post.


Video Marketing Tools & Resources

Now, how to make the engines see the images on your blog post?

Use the 'ALT' tag to describe your image.

Read more on alt tag here...

From what I have seen and experienced, your 'Web site Traffic Building' will see quicker results with multi media on your blog post. Trust me on this one.

Here is a cool Blogging Software that will make all this a breeze...Just try it!

Don't tell me that you are thinking of outsourcing your "Blog Marketing" process..!
Web-site-Traffic-Building: Outsource Your Blog Building Tasks for Guaranteed Results 
OK. So, now you have your blog post with an enticing article and eye pleasing images. So are you done?

Heck, NO. What your visitor has to do now? Where is your 'Call-to-Action' for the visitor?


> Call to Action: Your blog posts will attract the visitors once it's indexed and ranked by the engines.

Your web site traffic building process has started.

Now is the time to think about: "What is in it for Me?"

You should be rewarded for all your effort and hard work in putting up the blog posts, that's now drawing the visitors.

Monetize your "Web Traffic".

Direct your visitors to do what, next. Your heeding to your 'Call to Action' is your 'Most Wanted Response'.

After all, every body is in the 'Business' of 'Making Money'. You are too.

"What Should be My Call to Action?" Is this what you are thinking?

Well it depends on what you want from your visitors!

* Name & Email Address -> To Grow Your Email List (The Money is in the List)
* Lead Generation -> Grow Your "MLM" Lead
* E zine Subscription -> Subscribe to Your E zine Publication
* Affiliate Link -> To Click on Your Affiliate Link (Make Money from Home)

So, you can see, your call to action could be any thing.

Bottom line is, your 'Web site traffic Building' is working fine and dandy, and now, you need to monetize your traffic by all means.


Here is a good example of a call to action:

Join "Web Traffic Insider Club" and get the most amazing and unheard of Web Traffic Generation strategies from my +7 years of 'Internet Marketing'. These techniques are NOT shared on this website and is limited to the first 100 visitors...

Your clicks on your call to action is what is called 'Conversion'. More the number of people clicking, more your conversion.

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Are you itching for more traffic strategies? Then, stick on, and watch for my forthcoming topic below!

I sincerely hope that, you found 'Web site Traffic Building' a refreshing read.

Quite a different angle of approach to all this "Web Traffic" business.

You should take time to visit all the links below, that are related topics and covered in depth separately.

Coming Up Shortly:

> How to "Get Web site Traffic" from Social Media?

Stay in touch, book mark this page and visit them frequently.

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How did you find this page? Do you have any questions in particular that you want me to cover?

Use the "Contact Me" form and let me know. I am here to guide you and cheer for you, in your success.




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