Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media

Welcome to 'Monitoring Web Traffic' page. Why you need to monitor "Web Traffic"? To measure the success of your marketing campaign, right?

How about "Social Media"? Don't you want to see how successful your "Social Media Marketing" is?

I bet you do. Otherwise you won't be reading this, right?

If you cannot measure, you cannot manage. Simple as that. And Social Media traffic is known to be quite un-targeted. All the more reason to monitor this kind of traffic.

Once you know what is working and what is not, then, it will be easier to manage and focus on what is working.

Don't you agree? All this can be achieved ONLY by 'Monitoriong Web Traffic' from "Social Media" and other sources of "Free Traffic".

Why Should You Listen to Me?

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What is in it for You?

If you read this page to the end, then, I can assure you that, you will take home an excellent strategy for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from your "Social Media" using "Google Analytics". And by the way, folks knowing and using this technique is few and far between.

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Are You HIP with Social Media?

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Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media: Is this a Worthwhile Exercise?


Remember that, a social visitor does not necessarily mean a customer. In fact it's just a conversation.

On the flip side of the coin, monitoring web traffic from social media sites, will allow you to rightfully pass on the credit for the conversion or a sale, to your "Social Media Marketing".

How? OK. Let's say for example, some one on "Twitter" happened to read, like and share your profile and tweeted about it. Now that little tweet brought in some curious visitors to your profile, read your content and visited your website.

Let's say for example, some of them after reading your content on your website opted-in and subscribed to your newsletter. You will now be sending them valuable informaton through your newsletters.

Somewhere down the line, they make a purchase from your link. Now you know that, your email newsletter did convert and made you a sale.

But really speaking, that one little tweet on Twitter was actually the source of this sale/conversion!

Think about it, "Why Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media is required?"

Social media is a 'Marketing Touchpoint'. Therefore, you cannot take it for granted, that, folks landing on your site via a "Social Media" channel, will be a super targeted buyer.

Nevertheless, it's your launch pad, and source for free "Web Traffic".

Many a folks are of the opinion that social traffic does not convert very well. And therefore, it's worthless & waste of time, 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from the social sites.

Agreed that traffic from 'Social Networking' sites may not be as targeted, as paid traffic, but, I am getting "Free Targeted Web Traffic" from "Social Media" on a regular basis.

You will not believe, I am even seeing good traffic from "Stumbleupon". Now I never even thought that I was getting traffic from Stumbleupon.

You need to be 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from the Social sites, as it's an excellent source for "Free Targeted Web Traffic", and harnessing that power is what marketers are now engaged in.

Social Traffic = Social Currency

Monitorting Web Traffic is not possible without traffic. Learn the Social Media Tricks to generate free targeted Social Traffic.

Just look around and you will see ample evidence of the power of "Social Media".

If you have implemented "Social Media Marketing", then you SHOULD be 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from that source.

Monitoring Web Traffic with Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?'s GA

'Monitoring Web Traffic' from the 'Social Networking' sites, is kind of a 'hit and miss' thing, if you don't have a tool to 'Monitor' & 'Measure' this kind of traffic.

And that's what Google Analytics is all about. If you don't know, Google Analytics shows “multi channel” conversions.

What does that mean? The Multi-Channel reports will help you figure rather accurately, what's working and what's not.

And, If you aren't using the 'Goals' in Google Analytics, it’s time to start. You can set up Goals for all of your 'Most wanted Responses' like, purchases, email opt-ins, subscribing to your newsletter, eZine etc.

In short, 'Google Analytic' is a free 'Super Tool' for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' and analyzing the "Web Traffic" sources.

Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media: Google Analytic Advanced Segments

Monitoring web traffic from social media sites are not done by many folks. They are missing a vital piece of information.

Let's piece together that missing marketing information from "Social Media". Shall we?

OK. Here you go.

"Google Analytics" allows you to view all the "Web Traffic" sources and gather extremely important marketing intelligence.

This is a free tool for monitoring web traffic, offered by Google. You know this, right?

Steps to Setup Your Advanced Segments in Google Analytic:

1-> Login to your Google account. If you don't have an account, get it here..

2-> Create your Google Analytics account.

Now, you will not be monitoring web traffic if you don't have a website to monitor. Right?

The assumption is that you already have a living and breathing website that you want to monitor the traffic it's receiving.

If you have not setup a website for your marketing, then I highly recommend, you do that first.

The most effective website building tool that goes beyond just a website creation, is none other than SBI! This little giant is packed with essential training, tools and marketing resources, that it's impossible to fail in generating pre-sold Web Traffic to your Online Business. All you need to bring to the table is your passion and determination...

Website Building Tools & Resources Builder

3-> Setup your website profile.

Once you setup your website profile from your "Google Webmaster Tools" (, you will recieve a java script that you need to install on your website.

How to Add the Google Analytic Tracking Code?

This is the core task for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' using Google Analytics.

This page will focus on the steps for setting up the 'Advanced Segments' in Google Analytics, for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from "Social Media".

Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media: Setting up Advanced Segments

Although many folks use analytics, most of them are not using this process or simply are not aware of this powerful strategy, to measure the success of their "Social media Marketing".

I will assume that you have an active website with your analytics code installed. Now you need to simply create advanced segments, especially for 'Monitorting Web Traffic' from your Social Networking sites.

Setting up Advanced Segments in Google Analytics:

1) Go to your Google Analytics account.

You will see the overview page as in the above image. Click on the 'View Report' link. Now, go to the top right hand side, where you will see 'Advanced Segments'.

It will be also on to your left hand side. You can click on either of them.

2) Manage Advanced Segments:

Note the 'Default Segments' categories in the above image. But this is not what we want for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from the social sites.

You want to create a 'Custom Segment' specifically to monitor your social traffic, isn't it?

3) Setup Social Media Custom Segments for monitoring web traffic:

(A) Click on the 'Create New Advanced Segment' link, as shown in the above image.

Now to your left you will see 'Dimensions' & 'Metrics' columns. You will pick a dimension or a metric and 'Drag & Drop' it to the space provided on to your right.

-> From the 'Dimensions' tab, click on the 'Traffic Sources', to see the traffic filters.

-> Drag & drop the 'Source' tab to the right slot for 'Dimension/Metric'.

You will note a 'Condition' tab and pull down menu under 'Value'. See the image below:

The fun begins here. You will now assign values for 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from "Social Media" like, "Twitter", 'Facebook', 'LinkedIn'etc.

How to do this? Simply select 'Contains' from the 'Conditions' tab, as shown in the image below:

Place the values = 'Twitter', 'Facebook' etc. All your "Social Media" sources for 'Monitoring Web Traffic'.

Monitoring Web Traffic: Tip #1

-> Do Not type in the entire URL while entering the value.

E.g., Simply enter Twitter and NOT

Why? If you enter, it will then measure all the traffic sources from "Twitter", like, 'twitter feed' etc.

Remember, you are only interested in 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from relevant social media sources.

After entering the appropriate value, click on the link below that says 'Add "or" statement'. Enter another "Social Media" traffic source that you want to track.

Simply repeat the above steps to add a new traffic source to monitor.

(B) Testing & Saving Your Segment: After creating the 'Dimensions' & 'Metrics', it is essential to test it.

To do this, just go to the top right hand side where it's written 'Test Segment'.

Before you test it, you need to name your segment.

If you have any social sites, it will show up right away.

Based on my "Social Media Marketing" results, I was indeed very surprised to show traffic from "Stumleupon". I never actually knew that I was getting traffic from it.

It just goes to show that 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from Social Media sites is crucial, to really measure your "Social Media Marketing" success.

OK. So after you test each of your social media segments and are completely satisfied with the results, you need to save by clicking the tab 'Create Segment' at the bottom.

Click on the tab right next to it saying, 'Create & Apply to Report'. This will take to your Google Analytic dashboard.

Go to 'Traffic Sources' tab on to your left, to see what 'Social Media' sources are driving "Web Traffic' to your site!

Thus 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from your "Social Media Marketing" using 'Google Analytics' provide you with a deeper marketing intelligence, that is parallel in quality and performance to any premium paid 'Web site Traffic Analyzer'.

Monitoring Web Traffic: Tip #2

-> If you happen to see that you are regularly getting visitors through 'Twitter Feed', it will be a good idea to setup an advanced segment for 'Monitorting Web Traffic' from this source.

Say for example: Twitter, Twitter feed, Twitter etc.

You can add this report to your analytics dashboard, so that you will see this, every time you login.

And since Google is looking really hard into "Social Media" buzz, to gather vital user data for its ranking algorithm, you will be better off, implementing some way of 'Monitoring Web Traffic' from the 'Social networking' sites.

And the best way to do that, is by using this "Free Web site Traffic Analyzer", called 'Google Analytics'. I do hope that 'Monitoring Web Traffic' page has provided you with some inreresting insights into 'Google Analytics' and using this "Free Web site Traffic Analyzer" to measure and monitor "Web Traffic" from "Social Media".

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