Google Web site Traffic Ranking Lessons

Any one, for 'Web site Traffic Ranking' lessons from the mighty Google? If you have landed on this page, by fluke or on purpose, then, you are at the right time and place!

Why? Because as you know, Google has implemented, and is still implementing significant changes to its search and ranking algorithm.

What this means to you?

A Ranking challenge for your website, obviously. Without a good 'Web site Traffic Ranking', your "Web site Traffic Building" effort is going to fall flat...

Do you want that to happen?

Absolutely, NO, right?

It's all about, "Web Traffic", isn't it?

Therefore get serious, and read this page to the very end. This is going to be an 'Eye Opener' lesson for you from Google, as understood and experienced by me.

What You Will Take Home from Web site  Traffic Ranking Page?

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What's Google up to these days?

Relevancy, Relevancy, Relevancy......

That's what Google is really up to. Every effort is being directed to get quality result pages for a user's search query.

And that's the key to your 'Web site Traffic Ranking' and therefore your "Web site Traffic Building". It only makes sense.

Think about it. If your website don't rank in the engines, then, how you will "Build Web site Traffic?"

And that's what Google want to send us the message...

Build Quality Content around your targeted keywords, that you are looking to rank for.

This has to do with your 'SEO', both on-page and off-page, that we had discussed.


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Without a good 'Web site Traffic Ranking' there will be no "Web Traffic"!

Let's get to know Google and its demands closely.


Web site Traffic Ranking: Understanding What Google Wants

Your Web site Traffic Ranking really depends on understanding what Google wants from you, and your site.

You must've already come across Google's algorithm updates, popularly known as panda updates. If you have not, then, you can read it here.

--> Google Blog: Finding High Quality Sites

--> Google Panda 6 Months Out Still Has People Baffled - Search ...

It is said that Google has up its sleeves, over 300 such updates in the pipeline. So, imagine how serious Google is about this whole business of 'Quality & relevant Content'!

If you are any serious with your 'Web site Traffic Ranking', then, you need to listen to what I am saying.

OK. here you go.

Start with good quality relevant content. Your content on your website should be useful to your web visitor. Writing is an art, but, it's not all that difficult.


The Web site Traffic Ranking Rules for Good Content:

1) Original Content: Content is the key for 'Web site Traffic Ranking', but, it should be 'ORIGINAL', and not paraphrased or duplicated stuff.

If you have content copied from other web sites, or article directories, then, you should make sure that, you rewrite it completely.

Tough task, isn't it?

Content Rewriting Tools

> The Best Spinner
> Writing Tools & Resources

2) Keyword Optimization: Make sure that your keywords are strategically placed on your article, providing hooks to the engines to easily and appropriately relate to the user search queries.

An extremely important factor for web site traffic ranking.

Web-site-Traffic-Ranking: Free Keyword Research Tool


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Keyword Research Tools & Resources

Now, if you have already put-up a website, but, feel that you have been hit by Google panda, then here are some steps that you need to take, to get your web site traffic ranking, back to track.

Below I will discuss more 'Content Remedies' for your website, to recover from the panda hit.

Your Web site Traffic Generation really boils down to, writng content that pleases the humans and the engines. Without the RIGHT Tools and the Knowhow, it is indeed difficult to achieve this, no matter how much ever you try. From all my experience and marketing online, there is ONLY one such system, that has the Tools, Training and Strategies to accomplish this feat with remarkable success rate. You don't have to go by my words. Seeing is believing...


Improve Web site Traffic Ranking: Lessons from Google

--> Your Website: Start with your website itself. The very first question to ask is, "Does my website load faster?"

Why is this important? Google is there to serve its clients, the surfers. It wants to make sure that your website is fast and easy to load.

This enhances user experience. This will also affect your 'Web site Traffic Ranking'.

Slow sites are a pain in the neck, isn't it? And so does Google also thinks.

How to make your website load faster?

Strip off unwanted graphics and videos from your website. Everything in moderation is ideal.


--> Your On-page SEO factors: Remember how we talked about the on-page SEO.

> Increase Web Traffic Targeted to Your Niche with Proven On-page SEO

Keep in mind that, your goal is to increase 'Web site Traffic Ranking', by pleasing Google. So do whatever it takes to be in Google's good books.

A very important strategy is to add 'ALT' tags to your images. I am sure you have read about this strategy.

If not, read, "ALT Tags: How this Can Give LIFE to Your Images?"

Engines cannot read/understand images. It only reads the text. If you have images on your site without the alt tags, then, it means nothing to the engines.

There you lost your web site traffic ranking.

The other on-page factors are also equally, if not more, important. Therefore, take your time to read the above page and apply the strategies, to improve your 'Web site Traffic Ranking'. 


--> Your Ads to Content Ratio: Google is there for business, and its business is driven by the searchers, and those very searchers drive the 'Internet Business', by clicking on the ads.

This action will result in monetary benefit for the advertiser and Google.

Simple business sense. Isn't it?

But where do you fit in, with your "Google Adsense", or for that matter, any ads?

You are also in the business of 'Making Money', isn't it?

The fact is that, you will not make a dime, if you don't have a reasonably good 'Web site Traffic Ranking'. One of the factors that will affect your ranking and conversion, is, the ads that show up on your web page.


Why? Because if you have more ads than actual content, it will throw your visitor off. Google will sense this immediately and consider your page as sales focused, rather than, visitor focused.

This will affect your 'Web site Traffic Ranking' and even your "Web Traffic" conversion.

I am not just referring to 'Adsense" ads, but, all types of ads...

Your website should deliver quality content first. Your ads should be highly relevant and should supplement the content.

Practice moderation and relevancy across your website. At all costs avoid 'Ad Blindness'.


I have discussed ad placement strategies on the following pages:

> Hands Down Adsense Tips For Increased Traffic And Conversion.!

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Improve Your Web site Traffic Ranking with a Content Self-audit

Your content is the most important factor when it comes to ranking and conversion. If your content does not please your visitor, then getting any amount of traffic to your site will not serve any purpose.

Google takes obvious notice of this. You know then what happens, right?

You will lose your "Search Engine Positioning" and ranking for sure. This will in turn will affect your "Web site Traffic Building".

Improve your 'Web site Traffic Ranking', by doing a self-audit of your 'Web Content'. You can ONLY "Build Web site traffic" with the help of the engines, Google, especially, if you want to enjoy long-term, organic "Free Traffic"

Web-site-Traffic-Ranking: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic


How to Do a Self-audit of Your 'Web Content'?

-1- Web site Traffic Ranking: Drastically Improve it with Original Content

Ask These Questions Yourself:

- What is in it for your visitor? What kind of a benefit the user gets from your website?
- Is your content user-focused rather than, sales-focused?
- Is your content paraphrased from similar content sites or article directories? If yes, you need to rewrite the content, adding your own voice and experience. In other words make your content unique to you.
- Lastly, make sure that your content is current and relevant to your topic or niche.

PLR & Article Directory Content:

Content from these sources are more or less duplicated by many websites. If you are using content from them, then, you need to rewrite it, to make it at least 75% unique.

There are many good tools available to make this task very easy.

> The Best Spinner

Reliable Content Writing & Distribution


-2- Web site Traffic Ranking Secret: Make Your Content Valuable!

Making your content valuable, is the key to "Build Web site Traffic" fast and effective. How to make your content valuable?

Easy. Address the 'What Is In It For Me' question your visitors have. In other words, if your 'Web Content' is able to provide solution to user's problems, then, there you have a customer for life!

Write content that is valuable to the user.

Resources for Good Content Writing:


It's very important to first understand the user's problems. How to do this?

Through a proper "Keyword Research". You may ask, "How this can be done through Keyword Research?"

Keywords or search terms indicate what a user is looking for. A deeper analysis of the keywords will lead you to their exact intention behind their search.

In other words, a "Long Tail Keyword" search indicates the user's intent and perceivable course of action.

Once you nail down your keywords, then, it's just a matter of writing your 'Web Content' around those keywords.

Essential Reading:

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Keyword Research Tools

"keyword Research" is one of the less understood and applied 'Web site Traffic Ranking' strategy.


-3- Web site Traffic Ranking Secret: Make Your Content Meaty!
What about your page length? Your web pages should have how many words on it?

Have you ever thought of these things?

A skinny page is often regarded by Google as not providing value to the visitor. And logically speaking this is true in a way.

Think about this. Can you explain a concept or an idea in just a few words. Especially, if you are providing a solution to your visitor's problem or a need.

Now place yourself in the shoes of Google. Will you endorse such a page?

Do you now see a problem with your web site traffic ranking?


A "skinny" page will be seen by Google to have little value to visitors.

Now the question is, "How skinny is skinny?"

In my opinion, your pages should each have at the minimum, 400-500 words of content.

And not just any content. Keyword focused content. If you think your pages are low on content, beef it up. But, it should read, sound and mean well.

And remember, if you are running ads, then Keep an eye on the content to advertising ratio, especially above the fold (the first screen that a visitor sees before having to scroll down).


An example of above the fold:

If you open the "Web Traffic" page in your browser, then you will see the following image. This is what a visitor also sees without scrolling down the page.

Thus a content self-audit can bring up the flaws on your website and help significantly improve your 'Web site Traffic Ranking'.

So how you are feeling about your 'Web site Traffic Ranking'? I hope that you took away some good lessons from Google's algorithm updates, as seen and experienced by me.


Speak Your Mind:

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