Get More Site Traffic Web with Social Media SEO!

Welcome to 'Get More Site Traffic Web' page. I know it reads a little funny, but you know what, I am simply making this easy on searchers who actually mean 'Get More Web site Traffic'.

There is a similar page titled "Convert Site Traffic Web", that discusses the fundamentals of a "Long Tail Keyword" and its role in 'Converting' a visitor into a 'Customer'.

If you have not read that page, then you should

Any ways, it's indeed a super achievement, after starting from 'NO' traffic to 'MORE' traffic. Don't you agree?

Why there is such a huge talk about "Web Traffic"? By now you should know why.

All marketing efforts are directed to only and only one thing. To get qualified web traffic from every thinkable source on the net. Isn't it?

My experience and experimentation with "Internet Marketing Strategies" and "Social Media" tactics, have given me a very good understanding of 'What works' and 'What doesn't work', in terms of driving 'Qualified' 'Website Traffic', to your site.

You should consider yourself fortunate to get the same strategies that proved to be a 'Hit with Home Run' for me.


Why Should You Read this Page to the End?

That's because I am going to discuss "Social Media" SEO techniques, that very few marketers are either doing or are just not aware of! And you don't want to miss any of it, do you?

What's this Talk about "Web Traffic Insider Club"?

Topics Discussed on 'Get More Site Traffic Web' Page:

A side Note: Whenever I use the term 'Get More Site Traffic Web' please know and interpret the same to read as, 'Get More Web site Traffic', which it actually is.


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For new visitors to 'Get More Site Traffic Web' page, here is  a recap on, the summary discussion on, "Web site Traffic Ranking".


Google & Social Media

Relevancy and quality content...from Social Media: That's what Google's new algo is all about.

Almost unnoticed by many a marketers, Google took their first step towards a significant shift in their ranking algorithm. That was towards the end of 2010.

According to Matt Cutts (Chief Engineer at Google), Google will rely more and more on "Social Media" sites, especially, 'Facebook' and "Twitter", to derive the user behaviour and search pattern, and incorporate into its own ranking algorithm.

Guess what? Your "Web Traffic" will be drastically affected by the quality and quantity of content on your website.

So says who? Google in the Garb of the User!

So, what's the secret recipe to 'Get More Site Traffic Web'?

You said it, 'Relevant' 'Quality' content, that will please the humans and the engines.


Want More Web Traffic?

"Social Media" will be the driving factor to "Build Web site Traffic", from here onwards.

Google is all eyes and ears on the buzz happening in the 'Social Networking' sites. So much so that, it has come up with it's own 'Google +' button, for deeper penetration (eves-dropping) into Social Media.

Now the question is, "How to Write Content that Will Please the Humans as well as the Engines?"

Effective Content Writing Resources:

Writing Tools to Your Aid


Get More Site Traffic Web: Smart Social Media SEO Techniques

Now this must've got you thinking, "How come SEO in Social Media?"

That's exactly right. Many folks don't understand 'SEO', much less, SEO in "Social Media Marketing".

New to SEO?

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You should have a well rounded "Marketing Plan" for your SEO, Social Media, Content development/writing, and "Marketing Tools" for automation, accuracy & speed.

All the above, factors in, to get 'More site Traffic Web', undoubtedly.


Why Should You have SEO in Social Media?

-> Good content alone is not going to cut it. You need to share it with as many folks as possible. Why?

Because soon a website's popularity will be highly dependent upon the users sharing, commenting, referring, and using it. Getting more web traffic, will now be directly linked to the above user behaviour/pattern.

"Web site Traffic Ranking" will now be achieved with your growing popularity and social sharing. The noteworthy social sharing sites like, "Facebook" & "Twitter" will be a significant source of 'Social Traffic'.

Social Traffic = Social $$$$$$$

Get-More-Site-Traffic-Web: Learn the Social Media Tricks to generate free targeted Social Traffic.


Get More Site Traffic Web - An insider tip-off:

Do You Know about Google's Real-time Search Engine?

Google actually partnered with "Twitter" to get the 'Real-time' buzz and social activity, as a means to measure the popularity of a Topic, Keyword, product/service etc.

This data was used by Google to come with a user driven ranking algorithm.

Google has since discontinued with "Twitter" partnership for
the real-time search data.

But it's not going anywhere, because it has gone a step further, and implemented 'Google +', its own 'Social Media' measuring tool.

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?


Do you get the point? Be social friendly, if you want to Get 'More Site Traffic Web'.  

There are cool techniques to get more site traffic web out of 'Google +'

More on that will be shared on my upcoming strategies...

Get on to the "Marketing Strategies Blog" RSS feed, and be 'Always the First to Know'

Create 'Social-Sharing-Friendly' content approved by Google, and get 'Free Targeted Web Traffic'. The 'ONLY' such system, that has the Tools, Training and Strategies to accomplish this feat with remarkable success rate, is just a click away...


Social Media SEO Techniques to Get More Site Traffic Web

To 'Get More Site Traffic Web' is not that difficult, if you incorporate "Social Media Marketing" to your "Marketing Plan". 

As you can easily understand, we are dealing with THREE things here:

> Social Media
> Search Engine Optimization for Social Media
> Get More Site Traffic Web

* First let us see how "Social media" is a source for Social "Web Traffic".

A very simple act of creating a profile on a 'Social Networking' site, will have the ability for other folks to view it. What does this mean?

> Your profile, if found to be interesting to someone, will be obviously read, shared or even dug into deeper.

> Now, your profile has a multiple purpose. To pull the 'Social Traffic' to your links placed on your profile..!

The person who got interested in your profile, will click on the link and will be taken to wherever that link leads to

Now, imagine how easy it is to get 'More Site Traffic Web' from the social sites, that has the readers interested in your profile!


* What about the Engines?

> Besides your profile, you will also have some content written up, offering your best suggestions/advice or thoughts to address some of the concerns or issues generally discussed in the social media site, that your are a part of.

> Again, your readers interested in your content will be taken to your website, through the links on your article.

Engines follow these links, and are taken to your website.

Remember, write content that please the humans & the engines! Folks who like what they see/read, will naturally share the information. More exposure for you and your site.

Guess, "what happens?" 'More Web site Traffic'!

The engines take notice and views your site, as an authority. Your website rises in ranking, and will be exposed to more web traffic.


Get More Site Traffic Web with Simple Social SEO Tweaks!

So you are now settled with the need for "Social Media", right? Now let's see how some simple 'SEO' tweaks that can be implemented with ease and for 'BIG' effects... to Get More Site Traffic Web

<> Link Structure: Links are the roadway for the spiders. If your links are broken or are bad, then the engines will not be able to reach that page.

This means that, a "Web site Traffic Ranking" is not possible for that particular page. Therefore, no more "Web Traffic" to that page.

Essentials of a Good Link Structure:

Get-More-Site-Traffic-Web: Fully Automated One Way Links Building Software SEnukeX

=> Anchor Text
=> Keyword Variety
=> Link Source
=> Link Relevancy
=> Link Destination

I have discussed each and every aspect of a good link structure in the following pages:

> Easily Build Web site Traffic using the Off-page SEO Strategies


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Get More Site Traffic Web: Underlying Lesson for Link Building

Chose Your anchor text keywords wisely!

I will discuss some extremely cool "Link Building" techniques that can explode with 'More Web Traffic'...

Since these strategies are not discussed freely and openly, I may restrict this to "Web Traffic Insider Club" members. 

Link Building Tools & Resources


<> Social Links: Links for the 'Social Networking' sites may vary from each other. What does this mean to you?

A little more work that you need to do, to make your links fit within the rules. Always abide by the rules.

For example, some sites may not allow HTML, others may use a different snippet of code, and yet other "Social Media" may not allow anchor text altogether.

If anchor texts are not allowed, and if you can still link with your website address, then you should do so absolutely.

E.G., if you are linking with your web address, you will simply use '', instead linking with your anchor text, for example:

Get More Site Traffic Web

Do you get it? If you cannot link with your 'anchor text', you should by all means link with your website address.


Get More Site Traffic Web: Keyword Relevancy

To 'Get More Site Traffic Web', your keywords are going to matter the most. Remember the basics of "Keyword Research"?

These keywords are used for your 'Title', 'ALT' and 'Body' tags of your web page and "Social Media" profile and content.

In a nutshell, the keyword strategy can be summarized as follows:

-(1) Pick the right keyword.

Essential Reading:

> Keyword Research in 3 easy steps
> Long tail keyword research

-(2) Keyword Placement. Keywords in Title, Description & ALT Tags.

Essential Reading:

> Increase Web Traffic Targeted to Your Niche with Proven On-page SEO


-(3) Keyword Optimized Web page Content.

I will in fact cover more on the art of writing a highly optimized 'Keyword Focused Content Page'. This little trick alone will 'Get More Site Traffic Web', I mean "Web Traffic".

I will discuss the 'Tricks & Tools' to get more site traffic web, on my upcoming page. titled, "Web site Traffic Generation: Tools for Automation, Speed & Efficiency".

Keep your eyes glued to this page, or get an automatic update by subscribing to "Marketing Strategies Blog" feed...

In any case you 'Do NOT Want' to miss this update.


Get More Site Traffic Web: Social SEO Secret Sauce

I know this sound a bit like a cooking lesson. But, these little tweaks can have big impact in driving "Social Media" traffic to your website like crazy.

Are you ready for this? OK. Here you go.

=> Join the 'Top' Social Networking sites and create interesting and appealing profile pages.
=> Place your keywords on the right spots when creating your title and description.
=> Make your title and description actually likable and clickable.
=> Place the Social Media Icons prominently on your website, blog or social sharing sites/pages.
=> Encourage your visitors to share your content. Bribe them into sharing your content using a "Twitter" trick, like, 'Pay with a Tweet'.


Must Read:

> Get Web site Traffic from Social Media. Here is How!

=> Measure your 'Social Traffic' with 'Google Analytics'. I will share some very good strategies on my upcoming page, titled, "Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media Using a FREE Powerful Tool!"

Want to get more web site traffic from Twitter?

Join "Web Traffic Insider Club" for exclusive insider traffic strategies NOT shared elsewhere on this website!

And that brings us to the conclusion of 'Get More Site Traffic Web' page. You just saw how Social Media SEO techniques can be really powerful to draw a large number of social traffic to your website.

And with the right tools & techniques, this can indeed fun and extremely rewarding.

Social Media Tools & Resources


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