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Welcome to the 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' page. Whenever you see something free, what are your thoughts?

I am sure you will be happy to get it, right?

A free stuff generally is not as good as a paid one. I have discussed this topic on, "Internet marketing Strategy: Tools 4 Success". But, in this case, although this is a 'Free Tool', it's also as good as a paid one!

"How?", you may ask. Well that's what you will see, when you read to the end of this page.

A 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' from Google called, "Google Analytics". A very good "Marketing Tool" to analyze your "Web Traffic" source and visitor activities.

You will read how to use 'Google Analytic' to measure your Social Traffic on the following page:

> Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media Using a FREE Powerful Tool! Why You Want to Trust Me?

Because I am a self-made success!

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Free Web site Traffic Analyzer - Table of Content:

> Web Traffic: Recommended Reading > What's Google Analytics? (#What's GA) > Google Analytic:

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> How to Get Traffic for Free > How to Get Paid Traffic at the Lowest Cost Possible? Cost Traffic

So, are you excited to learn more about this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer'?

Cool, let's get started.

Free Web site Traffic Analyzer: What is Google Analytics?

I am sure you must've heard about "Google Analytics". If not, you will soon. It's one of the commonly used 'Web Analytics' tool for "Monitoring Web Traffic", provided by Google free of cost.

Google is adding more and more features to this tool constantly.

Therefore this makes it the best 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' available. I have been using this for quite some time now, and look forward to its new features and updates.

The one thing I found great about this tool is its delivery of marketing intelligence in an easily understandable format.

Google Analytics is for you if:

-> You want to know where your traffic is coming from! -> You want to analyze your website statistics -> You are looking to optimize your revenue potential!$$! -> You are keen on plugging your traffic holes in your funnelling system -> You want to test & tweak your web page layouts -> You want to optimize your SEO strategies -> You want to measure your ROI using channels, categories, keywords etc. -> You simply love to watch your "Google Adense" income grow!$$! -> You want to track your "Google Adwords" performance -> You are serious to take your 'Online Business' to the next level

More importantly with the advent of "Social Media" and the necessity for tracking your "Social Media Marketing", this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' does interpret and present all kinds of data relating to your visitor source, behaviour pattern, action, reaction etc.

---> 'Hoot Suite' --> get the link from gmail.

Just cannot appreciate the potential of this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer'. For those who value this kind of marketing data, Google Analytic is the tool to have.

--> Google Analytic: More than Just a Free Web site Traffic Analyzer

Google has gifted you with a free web site traffic analyzer. Now it's upto you to use it or not to use it.

Remember this, Google Analytic is just a tool. How you use this 'Web site Traffic Analyzer' make this a great tool.

No matter what tool you use, it's the analysis part that is crucial to your success.

There are several such tools. Here is a list of 'Web site Traffic Tracking' tools:

> Yahoo -

Free Web Analytics with Standard and Professional Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plans

> Adobe SiteCatalyst - Paid

> Woopra - Paid

> Site Super Tracker - Paid

> Web CEO - Beyond Just a Web Traffic Software - FREE Download

If you are just a beginner or a learner, then get on with 'Google Analytic'.

Let's see what else can you get from this free web site traffic analyzer:

If I am not mistaken, Google Analytic can generate about 90 different reports... -> Identify your Traffic sources -> Track your visitor activity -> Identify your most prominent keywords/pages -> Track your "Google Adwords" campaigns -> Track your "Google Adsense" clicks and earnings -> Customize and setup your own metrics

A lot of stuff going for a 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer", isn't it?

The beautiful thing about 'Google Analytics' is that you can setup and monitor your "Social Media" traffic.

How? Click the link below to learn how it's done.

> Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media Using a FREE Powerful Tool!

Want to know more about this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer'? Visit Google's blog ( You can learn a lot from this.

Analyzing Social Traffic:

When it comes to "Social Media", Google analytic is some what in its infancy. obviously, right?

As Social Media is relatively new, isn't it expecting too much, too early, from a 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer', to have the grounds covered for the social phenomenon?

Although you can strategically track and analyze data from the 'Social Networking' sites, using Google analytics, it still needs to get up to speed with tracking the wealth of data from the social sites.

But, Google has definitely taken note of its rise as a powerful marketing tool, and so does marketers, with new plugins, to extract extremely useful datasets available from these 'Social Networking' sites.

Essential reading:

> Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media Using a FREE Powerful Tool!

Have you heard of 'GreaseMonkey'?

What the heck is that? Well it's a Firefox add-on script created for adding a layer to this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer', 'Google Analytic'. You will be surprised to learn that this can provide vital user statistics from the 'Social Bookmarking' sites like, 'Digg" (, 'Stumbleupon' ( etc.

You can download this script here... (

You get my point? Google analytics, although is a free web site traffic analyzer, the power in those data is crucial, to analyze and improve your online performance. One of the "Marketing Tools" to have in every marketer's arsenal.

Now if you are still harbouring a doubt on having this tool, then let's discuss further.

Free Web site Traffic Analyzer: Why Google Analytic?

Given that "Web Traffic" is on every marketer's mind, there is something beyond just the website traffic.

"What's that?" you may ask.

---> CONVERSION <---

How Well Your Traffic Convert?

Free-Web-site-Traffic-Analyzer: The Evolution of Traffic

"How the heck will I know that?" Is this what you are thinking?

You are not alone. Without an appropriate strategy to measure this, you will never find that out. And Google is offering a 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer', just to 'Measure' & 'Monitor' your "Web Traffic" sources and also 'Conversions'.

Now you need to have the strategies to go about it. You should know how to use this tool!

And that's a discussion for a later time. But, I will put together an eBook, or a training video for a small price, just to cover the cost...!

For now, just head over to Google links below:

--> -->

You will find all the required training to use this tool from the above links. Read it, understand and assimilate it. Once you master this tool, it will be indeed fun to use this 'Free Web site traffic Analyzer'.

How?, you may ask!

To begin with, you want to know more about your visitors and what actions they perform while on your site.

Take a close look at the image below and see how 'Google Analytic' tracks, interprtets and reports this data in a very simple manner:

Look at the visitor data provided by this free web site traffic analyzer. Isn't this information valuable in analyzing and improving upon your visitor statistics?

For me there is a wealth of intelligent marketing information that I can analyze and use to improve upon a website's conversion!

I will be providing you with some strategies and tools for writing excellent 'Web Content' that will maximize your conversions.

> Convert Site Traffic Web Visitors 2 Customers using Longtail Keyword Strategies!

But, from the image above, the crucial indicators of a successful converting website will be:

-> Number of 'New' & 'Return' visitors -> Page views -> Bounce rate -> Time spent on site etc.

The beauty is that, you can further drill down and do a deeper analysis for all the above metrics.

Why the trouble?

You see, your goal is to "Convert Site Traffic Web", meaning to say, make your visitor click on your 'Most Wanted Response'.

Make the most out of your "Web Traffic". And 'Google Analytic' provides you with advanced marketing intelligence, that you can utilize to achieve your end goal.

The bottom line is, with this 'Free Web Traffic Analyzer', you can focus on what is important to your customers, analyze and improve your conversion, and finally bring them back over and over to your website.

If you are also using "Social Media Marketing" strategies, then you can very well incorporate the "Social Media" metrics into 'Google Analytics'.

Essential Reading:

> Monitoring Web Traffic from Social Media Using a FREE Powerful Tool!

Free Web site Traffic Analyzer: Tools for the Job

Although 'Google Analytic' is 'Free', you will be surprised to learn that it has a variety of tools each for a specific purpose.

I am using both the "Free Traffic" & "Paid Traffic" methods to generate "Web Traffic".

Free-Web-site-Traffic-Analyzer:16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

If you are using the paid traffic methods like, "PPC" programs, "Google Adwords" etc. then, this free web site traffic analyzer can be extremely useful in tracking your advertisig cost & conversion.

You know what, there is a cool tool provided by Google Analytics' help center, that will help you to extract and analyze valuable data to measure your "PPC Advertising".

Let's see what that tool is and from where to get it.

Ready? Here you go.

Have you heard of 'URL Builder'? You are like, "What the heck is that?" right?

'URL Builder' is an utility provided by Google, that helps you measure and monitor your 'Online Advertising' campaigns like, "Google Adwords", for example.

The success of your 'PPC' campaign depends on two things: Cost & Conversion

> PPC Strategies Strategies > PPC Marketing Marketing

---> The ONLY Tools Required for Your Online Success! (

OK. Coming back to the 'URL Builder', you can get it for free from here...

What is the purpose of 'URL Builder'?

Simple. If you want to track your online marketing campaigns most effectively, and you should, then, all of your online ads must be tagged appropriately with accurate information.

Why? Because, unless you tag your ad campaigns, you will not know for sure, which of your advertisibg campaigns are profitable or losing money.

And you need to get this vital information, isn't it?

Now you know that this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' is more than what meets the eye, isn't it? It has its own help center, tutorials and a set of tool box.

Tagging your campaign is easy with a 3 step process. Just fill in the required fields on the URL Builder form, and hit the 'Generate URL' button.

It will generate a tagged URL which you need to copy & paste to your ad. You will see how big a time saver this is, once you actually do it.

Google has provided you with a 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer'. But, have you installed the analytics code properly?

Find that out with our next little tool here.

--> Free Web site Traffic Analyzer: SiteScan

What is SiteScan?

It's one thing to install the analytics code on your website. It's completely different to know that you have missed the installion on some pages, or installed incorrectly etc.

How to know that?

Google Analytic's SiteScan tool tells you whether, you have the tracking code installed and working for all your web pages.

It runs a site diagnostics for upto 100 of your web pages, and reports, wrong implemenation of the code.

It will generally mean that, the code used for tracking has either the wrong or incomplete information, account number etc., or it never got implemented in the first place.

There could be various scenarios where your tracking was not implemented correctly, and this little guy makes it easy for you to locate those pages that have tracking issues.

When you talk about a 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer' like 'Google Analytic', you will bve surprised to know that, someone, be it Google or a partner, maintains and upgrades the various fubnctionalities within this tool.

Currently there are several plugins, tools, and even hacks that allow you to create just about any report that you can possibly come up, with this 'Free Web site Traffic Analyzer'.

> Free or Paid Tools? Can some one ever imagine that a 'Free Web site traffic analyzer' can pack this much punch? Normally a free tool will be limited in its functionalities with no maintenance and upgades.

But this one beats all the free tools out of the water and is widely used by the webmasters around for "Monitoring Web traffic".

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> Web site Traffic Generation: Tools for Automation, Speed & Efficiency

> Web site Traffic Marketing the old school way still packs a punch!

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