Generating Web site Traffic: The CTPM Process

Welcome to 'Generating Web site Traffic' page. "Web site Traffic Generation" and 'Conversion' is by no means an easy task, if you see what I mean!

It requires the necessary skill set to accomplish Four major tasks:

1-> Force the Engines to Send Traffic! 2-> Make the Visitor Stick! 3-> Persuade the Visitor to Take Action! (Your Most Wanted Response) 4-> Make them Wanting to Return!(Repeat $ale)

Can you do all of the above? No worries if you cannot do it. That's what you will learn from 'Generating Web site Taffic' page.

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Now, why Should You Listen to Me?

Because, I am online since 2003, and have seen the ups and downs of 'Internet Marketing'. I have seen the $MONEY$ and also 'SPENT' oodles of cash during my course of learning and experimentation.

It's just a matter of learning the skills, knowing what to do, how to do, and using the appropriate "Marketing Tools" to execute the job flawlessly!

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What is in it 4 You?

Generating Web site Traffic is one thing, getting them to 'Convert' is totally a challenge. You will know exactly the "SEO Tool", if you will, that I use to accomplish the above 4 crucial tasks unfailingly all the time.

But, please stick on and read to the very end of this page. You don't want to miss anything, do you?

Generating Web site Traffic: Table of Content

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Generating Web site Traffic: The Process

You might think, "How a process can fit into 4 letters?"

Well that's exactly the process for not only 'Generating Web site Traffic' but, also to 'Convert' and 'Retain' this "Free Targeted Web Traffic".

It's simply called 'C', 'T', 'P', 'M'.

=> 'C'ontent => 'T'raffic => 'P're-sell => 'M'onetize

Don't think that this is some made-up mumbo-jumbo stuff. This is for real. You will see how this 'Time Tested' process has impacted the lives of so many ordinary folks, like you and me!

---> The Proof is in the Pudding

This Social Media ready 'SEO Software Tool' will enable you to generate 'Social-Sharing-Friendly' content approved by Google. By the way, the 'ONLY' such system, with Tools, Training and Strategies to accomplish this feat with remarkable success rate...

Generating Web site Traffic the CTPM Route

I need to caution you that this requires real work and is not a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. Ideal for the 'Work from Home Moms' ( to "Make Money from Home".

But for those who are hard pressed for time, you can still do it, what they call 'Tortoise' way...One step at a time.


Put these Guys to Work!

Beyond Generating Web site Traffic: Success 1 Step Away

OK. Let's see what this process is all about, shall we?

'CTPM' is what they call this process. Time tested and proven to get you the results every time. And that's exactly what we are after, right?

Why this process work? There is no magic or anything in this. It simply is a method to create web content that will,

"Please the Visitors & the Engines equally"

Now this poses bit of a challenge to basically folks who are challeneged with:

"Writing Articles" and 'Web Content'.

Nevertheless this can be done. You just need to know the basics of good content writing.

--> Excellent Content Writing Resources (FREE):

---> Writing Tools

Generating-Web-site-Traffic through SBI! CTPM Process

The 'C' stands for Content. 'Generating Web site Traffic' starts with content.

--> How 'C'ontent helps You in Generating Web site Traffic?

Based on Google's algorithm changes, one of the yardsticks used to index and rank a web page, is the length and depth of content. At the minimum, your page content should be anywhere between 300-700 words, for Google to consider it relevant and useful to a reader.

So, the major work is in writing up web content that makes sense to the reader and the engines.

Content draws in, the "Web Traffic". Users will like your content and will tend to stay on your site for longer. They will share your content with their 'Social Network'.

This will snowball your visitor traffic. The whole thing goes in a vicious circle, and you will end up getting more and more of this "Free Targeted Web Traffic".

Google and the other engines take notice of this, and guess what? Increased "Web site Traffic Ranking"!

So now you see why 'Web Content' is so crucial in 'Generating Web site Traffic"?

That being said, let's look at the ways you can create excellent web content.

---> Generating Web site Traffic & Beyond: The CTPM Tools (

Your content writing will focus on the following:

1> Pleasing the visitors: Your visitors will judge your content and will react accordingly. If your content is high quality and relevant to the user, you score. On the reverse, you lose...

But, in order for your content to reach your visitor, it has to be visible. Meaning to say, it has to be indexed and ranked well by the engines, in the first place. And that takes us to the second part of content writing.

2> Pleasing the Engines: Where is the spider food? Your content should be well written and structured. The very 1st rule of content writing & generating web site traffic.

'SEO'. Does that sound familiar?

"What You Should Know about SEO?" (

Your pages need to be properly optimized for the engines, to get indexed and ranked. Many folks fail to understand the importance of SEO or are too lethargic to do this basic groundwork.

Generating-Web-site-Traffic through Proper SEO: How to Avoid These 7 SEO Mistakes?

I have discussed SEO on different pages.

Recommnded Reading for SEO:

> Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning Tips And Tricks Revealed!!! > Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning Tips From Top Players!!! > Increase Web Traffic Targeted to Your Niche with Proven On-page SEO > Easily Build Web site Traffic using the Off-page SEO Strategies > Get More Site Traffic Web from Overlooked Social Media SEO Techniques

A question that I come across a lot of times is,

"Is there an "SEO Tool" for Getting the Best Results"?

And my answer is yes, depending on the job that you want to focus. SEO is more than just little tweaks here and there.

It's a serious and very mature subject.

There probably will be a "SEO Software Tool" specializing in each area of SEO platform.

Like for example:

-> Link Building: SE Nuke ( -> Keyword Research Tools Tools etc., etc.

--> SEO Tools & Resources

Generating Web site Traffic with the C-T-P-M Tools

=> SEO Software Tool for (C)ontent Research: Like I said, it all starts with your content. I am sure you must've heard of 'KFCP', Keyword Focused Content Page.

And to generate a KFCP, you need to have the right keywords, isn't it?

Here is an excellent tool to compliment your brainstorming...

--> Keyword Discovery

--> SEO Tool: Web Content Writing

Your On-page SEO plays a critical initial role in ensuring that, your page is well structured and optimized for your target keyword. This is the very first step to ensure good "Web site Traffic ranking".

See the image above. That's part of this 'All-in-One-Tool', that will guide you all the way through in generating highly optimized and targeted 'Web Content'.

Look at the button that says 'Analyze-It'on the image above. It's said that this 'SEO Tool' analyzes your web content against 100 or so 'On-page' SEO criteria.

Imagine the power of building content, generated and 'Quality' inspected through this process!!

'Generating Web site Traffic' cannot be easier than this!

From where to get this All-in-One SEO Tool?

(Add a aff link to SBI Tools Page...>

So in a 'nut-shell', the very first step in 'Generating Web site Traffic' is in the generartion of web site content, that has cleared the initial hurdle of on-page SEO.

That's the 'C' of CTPM process.

Must Read:

> Increase Web Traffic Targeted to Your Niche with Proven On-page SEO

=> (T)raffic: The 'T' in CTPM for Generating Web site Traffic

"Web Traffic" is the lifeline of your business. How to get traffic for 'FREE"?

Is your website content waiting for the "Web Traffic"?

Generating-Web-site-Traffic: The SBI! Traffic Test

You know a little traffic secret? Writing fresh quality content ultimately results in 'Generating Web site traffic'. But for that you have to write a good amount of web pages that are quality tested for 'SEO'.

I know writing is a pain in the butt. But you have to, if you want to "Generate Web site Traffic".

Content Writing Tools: Writing

The 'SEO Tool' for Writing Unique & High Quality Content in No Time!!


=> (P)resell:

What does pre-sell mean? Preselling is the art of selling without applying any kind of force or pressure on your visitor.

It's a natural process of developing 'Trust & Relationship' with your prospective customer.

A very powerful strategy in 'Generating Web site Traffic' & $ALES!!. Think about it!

Recommended Free Resources:

> Make Your Content Presell ( > Make Your Words Sell ( > Make Your Site Sell (

=> (M)onetization:

After 'Generating Web site traffic', what?

The very last part in the process. You are essentially keeping your visitor's interest first. You will deliver, infact strive to overdeliver on your visitor's wants & needs.

This will have an endearing impact on your web visitor. Now is the time to monetize.

Generating Web site Traffic & Monetizing on every opportunity, is the rule of the game.

The built-in 'SEO Tool' will even tell you when & how to monetize your web pages..!

Moneization is the easy part, or, is it so?

Depends on what your monetization model is.

Essential Readng:

> Make Money Blogging With Lucrative Blog Monetization Strategy!$! > How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense?

But, monetization is the fun part, the cool part.

The CTPM process is a roaring success on four counts:

1> Generating Web site Traffic 2> Successful Target Marketing 3> Effective Preselling 4> Natural Monetization CTPM is really an exciting process that goes beyond 'Generating Web site Traffic'.

The links below will simply blow you off:

> The PROOF is in the Pudding ( > What Better Results (

And that brings us to the conclusion of 'Generating Web site Traffic' page. You just saw how the CTPM process and the "SEO Tool" for each specific job can work wonders!

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Coming Up Shortly:

> Web site Traffic Generation: Tools for Automation, Speed & Efficiency > Web site Traffic Marketing the old school way still packs a punch! > Your SEO Tool Hunt Ends Here. Discovering ‘THE’ SEO Software Tool!

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